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Program of Study for the Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) PhD

We have designed the TBS - General Focus curriculum to provide fundamental and deep knowledge in the core, basic, quantitative, translational and population health disciplines. TBS trainees emerge from the program with the skills to translate this knowledge into a productive research career within a team science environment. 28 credits of core courses, seminars, and research are needed at the time of the qualifying exam and 96 credits are needed at the time of the thesis defense.

View the TBS - General Focus Program of Study WebpageDownload the TBS - General Focus Program of Study PDF

The Infection & Immunity: From Molecules to Populations (IIMP) focus core curriculum provides fundamental knowledge of infection and immunity, in addition to those listed above, so that IIMP trainees emerge from the training program prepared for a productive academic career at the interface between laboratory and population science. 28 credits of core courses, seminars, and research are needed at the time of the qualifying exam and 96 credits are needed at the time of the thesis defense.

View the TBS - IIMP Focus Program of Study WebpageDownload the TBS - IIMP Focus Program of Study PDF

Trainees who enroll in MD/PhD program will complete the first two years of medical school before entering a PhD program. Once the PhD thesis is successfully defended, the trainee will return to and finish the final two years of medical school, ultimately graduating with both a MD and a PhD. Trainees who dually enroll with the TBS program from medical school have the ability to transfer up to 30 credits worth of coursework into the program. Due to the course transfers, the program of study for MD/PhD TBS trainees is abbreviated when compared to other TBS trainees. MD/PhD TBS trainees must still successfully pass their Qualifying Examination in order to be considered for doctoral candidacy, and they must still acquire 96 credits by the time they are ready to defend their thesis.

Download the MD/PhD TBS Program of Study PDF | Download the MD/PhD TBS Transfer Guide

Possible Coursework Electives

Number of credits required: 8-11

This is an abbreviated list of electives that tend to be popular among trainees; other options can be considered at the discretion of the program director.

School of Medicine & Dentistry Courses

  • IND408 Advanced Biochemistry (4 credits) - Fall
  • IND443 Eukaryotic Gene Regulation (4 credits) - Spring
  • MBI403 Drug Discovery (2 credits) - Spring
  • MBI404 Intro to Emerging Pathogens (3 credits) - Spring
  • MBI414 Microbial Pathogenesis (3 credits) - Fall
  • MBI421 Microbial Genetics & Physiology (3 credits) - Spring
  • MBI456 General Virology (4 credits) - Spring
  • MBI473 Immunology (3 credits) - Fall
  • PM412 Survey Research (3 credits) - Fall
  • PM418 Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology & Prevention (3 credits) - Fall
  • PM419 Recruitment & Retention of Human Subjects (3 credits) - Fall
  • PM424 Chronic Disease Epidemiology (3 credits) - Spring
  • PM426 Social & Behavioral Medicine (3 credits) - Spring
  • PM458 Qualitative Health Research (3 credits) - Spring
  • PM485 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (3 credits) - Fall
  • TOX528 Gene Environment Interactions (1 credit) - Spring
  • TOX533 Neurotoxicology (1 credit) - Spring
  • TOX564 Pulmonary Toxicology (1 credit) - Fall

School of Arts, Sciences & Engineering Courses

  • BME420 Biomedical Nanotechnology (2 credits) - Fall
  • CSC/DSC440 Data Mining (4 credits) - Fall
  • CSC442 Artificial Intelligence (4 credits) - Fall
  • CSC446 Machine Learning (4 credits) - Spring
  • CSC447 Natural Language Process (4 credits) - Spring
  • DSC401 Tools for Data Science (4 credits) - Fall & Spring
  • DSC422 Network Science Analytics (4 credits) - Spring

Communication Workshops

Choose one course to complete.

  • IND426 Science Communication for Diverse Audiences (2 credits) - Fall
  • IND417 Workshop in Scientific Communications (1 credit) - Spring
  • PHP405 Effective Scientific Communications (2 credits) - Spring

Skills Workshops

Choose one course to complete.

  • BCH515 Critical Thinking in Research Science (1 credit) - Spring
  • BME431 FDA & Intellectual Property (2 credits) - Fall
  • Grant Writing Courses
    • BCS582 Grant Writing in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (3 credits) - Spring
    • BME589 Writing Proposals in Biomedical Engineering (2 credits)  - Spring
    • BPH567 Writing Proposals in Biophysics (1 credit) - Spring
    • MBI402 Writing in Microbiology (3 credits) - Spring
    • PM438 Grantsmanship (3 credits) - Spring
  • IND439 Leadership and Management for Scientists (2 credits) - Spring