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Simeon Abiola
Simeon Abiola
No Affiliation

Research Interest:
Understanding the extent of eHealth interventions for individuals with chronic conditions
Solomon Abiola
Solomon Abiola

Research Interest:
Novel applications of technology towards preventive health using techniques from big data and artificial intelligence
 Alcántara Sanchez
Lisette  Alcántara Sanchez

Research Interest:
Translating research evidence into pragmatic strategies to improve prevention, detection, and management of HIV and TB in a global health setting.
Naemah  Alkhars

Research Interest:
Maternal influence on infants at high risk for severe early childhood caries.
Hala Awad
Hala Awad
First Year

Research Interest:
Using pharmacogenetics as a tool for personalized medicine in lymphoma patients. Improving lymphoma patient outcomes via understanding practices and clinical studies aiming to establish efficacy and safety for novel medication, drug delivery systems, regimens, and therapeutic options for patients with relapsing or refractory lymphoma.
Jack Chang
Jack Chang

Research Interest:
Electronic heath record (EHR) based phenotyping on narrative content using natural language processing (NLP) to generate computable forms.
Zachary Christensen
Zachary Christensen

Research Interest:
Identifying brain imaging biomarkers of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its neurocognitive correlates
Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus
Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus

Research Interest:
Anticipatory biasing of visuospatial attention and anatomical connectivity in deaf children.
David Fraser
David Fraser, DDS

Research Interest:
Synthetic hydrogels for periodontal tissue engineering
Christie  Gilbert

Research Interest:
Understanding the ecological shifts within the oral microbiome of infants/pregnant women, and how that plays a role in the development of Early Childhood Caries (ECC). With this information, we aim to identify new diagnostics or preventative methods for ECC.
Brittany Greco
Brittany Greco
Forth Year

Research Interest:
Analytic clinical researcher with interest in using data modeling to identify and improve inefficiencies of clinical trial operations.
Michelle Koplitz
Michelle Koplitz
First Year

Research Interest:
Understanding how frameworks of disability employed in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) systems affect health outcomes in Deaf children.
John Martinez
John Martinez
First Year

Research Interest:
Bone metabolism at the cellular level, and cellular aging.
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Murphy

Research Interest:
Understanding how prenatal exposures and stressors affect maternal and child health.
 Narvaez Miranda
Janiret  Narvaez Miranda

Research Interest:
Contribution of enteric virome to the development of allergies in urban Rochester communities and rural Old Order Mennonites.
Raven Osborn
Raven Osborn

Research Interest:
High-throughput approach to profiling the differences in antigen presentation between young and older adults to define drug repurposing targets for improving vaccine efficacy.
Zahira Quinones Tavarez
Zahira Quinones Tavarez

Research Interest:
Effects of electronic cigarette flavorings on the interplay between the respiratory microbiome and innate immunity, and how that translates into health and disease.
Rubens Sautchuk
Rubens Sautchuk

Research Interest:
Studying the mitochondrial function and Cyclophilin D regulation on the biology of bone development in general and alveolar bone development, in particular.
Jishyra Serrano
Jishyra Serrano

Research Interest:
Prenatal immunological and stress factors associated with childhood development
Hangchuan Shi
Hangchuan Shi

Research Interest:
Using population-based datasets to explore the association between e-cigarettes and disease outcomes (e.g., cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, cancer, etc.).
Jesse Wang
Jesse Wang

Research Interest:
Utilizing statistical speech analysis and natural language processing to capture and understand a physician-patient conversation, then automatically update eRecord with the appropriate information