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Simeon Abiola
Simeon Abiola
Research Interest:
Understanding the extent of eHealth interventions for individuals with chronic conditions
Solomon Abiola
Solomon Abiola
Research Interest:
Novel applications of technology towards preventive health using techniques from big data and artificial intelligence
 Alcantara Sanchez
Lisette  Alcantara Sanchez
Naemah  Alkhars
Elizabeth Belcher
Elizabeth Belcher
Research Interest:
The mechanisms through which radiotherapy may have an adverse effect on cognition
Jack Chang
Jack Chang
Research Interest:
Electronic heath record (EHR) based phenotyping on narrative content using natural language processing (NLP) to generate computable forms.
Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus
Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus
Research Interest:
Task-evoked fMRI language mapping
Lorne Farovitch
Lorne Farovitch
Research Interest:
Field epidemiology with a specialization in global emerging infectious disease
David Fraser
David Fraser, DDS
Research Interest:
Synthetic hydrogels for periodontal tissue engineering
Christie  Gilbert
Zachary Hilt
Zachary Hilt
Research Interest:
Studying the mechanism by which platelet derived beta-2 microglobulin is promoting inflammation in the context of HIV and malaria infections.
Marhiah Montoya
Marhiah Montoya
Research Interest:
Antifungal drug discovery against resistant strains of Candida
Desarey Morales Vasquez
Desarey Morales Vasquez
Research Interest:
Identification of better approaches to target mosquito-borne viruses, through design, evaluation, and/or improvement of interventions to protect the health of a population
Savannah Moritzky
Savannah Moritzky
Research Interest:
Exploring the importance of CD4+ T cells during the immune response and memory to influenza vaccine.
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Murphy
Research Interest:
UPSIDE Study - Understanding how prenatal exposures and stressors affect maternal and child health.
 Narvaez Miranda
Janiret  Narvaez Miranda
Raven Osborn
Raven Osborn
Research Interest:
High-throughput approach to profiling the differences in antigen presentation between young and older adults to define drug repurposing targets for improving vaccine efficacy.
Jose Perez-Ramos
Jose Perez-Ramos
Research Interest:
Maternal and Child health in Latin America using Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) such as mHealth and Social Science theories to empower communities in low and middle income countries.
Zahira Quinones Tavarez
Zahira Quinones Tavarez
Elizabeth Saionz
Elizabeth Saionz, M.S.
Research Interest:
Recovery of vision in cortically blind subjects through training
Rubens Sautchuk
Rubens Sautchuk
Research Interest:
Studying the mitochondrial function and Cyclophilin D regulation on the biology of bone development in general and alveolar bone development, in particular.
Jishyra Serrano
Jishyra Serrano
Research Interest:
Prenatal immunological and stress factors associated with childhood development
Kenneth Sims
Kenneth Sims, M.S.
Research Interest:
Use of pH-sensitive nanoparticle carriers in controlled release of anti-biofilm agents.
Denisse Vega-Ocasio
Denisse Vega-Ocasio
Research Interest:
Translating basic research evidence into practice, health policy and public health to contribute to the eradication and elimination of infectious diseases in a global health setting.
Jesse Wang
Jesse Wang
Research Interest:
Utilizing statistical speech analysis and natural language processing to capture and understand a physician-patient conversation, then automatically update eRecord with the appropriate information