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Your Journey

Group of 2023 SMD Graduates

Innovative approaches to learning. First-hand patient interaction. Remarkable research opportunities. Your education at Rochester is a transformative experience.

David Bernstein

"People who are renowned in their fields, are right down the hall. They go out of their way to involve you in their research, to help you get to conferences and present this ground-breaking research."

David Bernstein, Medical Student

Helping Patients. Learning from Doctors: The Double Helix Curriculum

Our model, “The Double Helix Curriculum–Translations and Transitions,” weaves together basic science and clinical medicine throughout the four-year curriculum. It was first developed in Rochester and has become a standard approach in many medical schools across the country. Students benefit from immediate exposure to patient interactions. They learn how to talk with and form relationships with patients while understanding scientific foundations of medicine and health systems science through the final year of medical school.”

Bring your Learning to Life: Clinical Experience

Become the physician you dream of being—through first-hand experience. You’ll master the art of relationship-centered care by learning from medical professionals in your coursework and then interacting with patients in the clinic.

At Rochester, you will also have the opportunity to participate in clinical experiences outside of your formal education. You can make a difference in the lives of homeless and uninsured patients through our two “UR Well Clinics,” a student outreach effort. By volunteering at these clinics, you can help people in need while you get valuable experience in your field. Volunteer preceptors are there to guide and teach you.

Deaf Strong Hospital

But There is More

Beyond the art of relationship-centered care, you will benefit from our outstanding student-to-faculty ratio, elective pathways, and small class size. From combined degrees, deep commitment to community service, electives opportunities, and clubs, we will help you map your passions to your education.

Beyond clinical medicine, you will have the opportunity to participate in patient- and community-centered experiences outside your formal education. For example, you can make a difference in the lives of the unhoused, refugees, or the underserved in our student-run clinics, which are guided by faculty who share your commitment.

Our students have access to a rich variety of organizations to help guide their professional journey. You will find listed just some of the collaborators and resources that take part in their transformation.

Cultivate your Passion for People: Elective Pathways

You’re more than a medical student. You’re a humanist. An activist. An educator.

At the University of Rochester, we don’t just teach you the science of medicine. We are proud to be known as the "liberal arts school of medicine." We encourage you to delve into the topics you’re enthusiastic about. Our Pathways Programs allow you to do this.

We have seven educational certificate pathways to choose from:

  • Deaf Health Pathway
  • Global Health Pathway
  • Health, Equity, and Law Policy (HELP) Pathway
  • Health Humanities and Bioethics Pathway
  • Healthcare Innovation and Economics Pathway
  • LatinX Health Pathway
  • ​Medical Education Pathway

Make a Difference in More Ways Than One: Combined Degrees

At the University of Rochester, we prepare you to become a leader in your field, whether that field is clinical medicine, research, or healthcare management. We offer combined degree options for students with multi-faceted career goals.

We offer the following combined degree options: