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Our People

At Rochester, our students come from many backgrounds. But they have some amazing things in common: they are driven, accomplished, caring individuals, each with a unique story of their own.


Medical Student DiversityThe University of Rochester is an environment where everyone can thrive. Wherever you are from, however you identify, whatever matters most to you—Rochester welcomes you.

We recognize the importance of diversity in medicine. In fact, we rank in the top 30% of all medical schools in the enrollment of applicants underrepresented in medicine.

There are also a number of cultural organizations at Rochester, including the Islamic Medical Association of North American University of Rochester Chapter, the Asian-Pacific Medical Students Association (APAMSA), the Latino Professional Alliance at UR and the Pride Alliance at UR, to name a few.

“The School of Medicine and Dentistry is drawing students of all races, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to Rochester, giving them an affirming environment, supporting and encouraging their success, and providing them with a world-class education.”
- Linda Chaudron, MD, Associate Vice President and Senior Associate Dean for URMC Inclusion and Culture Development

Class Profile

Here are some statistics to give you an idea of who makes up our student body.

  • Class size is 104 students
  • Average age is 24
  • Age range is 21-34
  • About 50% are women
  • From about 25–30 different states each year
  • From about 55 different colleges and universities
  • 60–65% are science majors
  • About 65% take a year or more off before entering medical school
  • 6% are MD/PhD (NIH-funded MSTP)
  • 40–50% participate in an international medicine project
  • Mean GPA is between 3.70 and 3.80
  • Mean MCAT score is 515
  • About 10% have advanced degrees (master’s and doctorates)

Class Profile Information


Our students have developed the Rainbow Book to highlight resources for the LGBTQ Community.

Meet our Students

Our students are the best way to find out what makes Rochester special. Let your future classmates tell you what they love about this community.

Beatriz Folch is a third-year medical student. See what she’s achieved at Rochester. Watch her story.

Ramzi Abboud is a second-year medical student who is balancing home life and school. Watch his story.