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Why Choose Rochester?

From mentors, to research facilities, to hands-on experience—Rochester has what it takes to create physicians who change lives.

"The school not only wants us to be learning in clinics, but also wants us to get to know the community better and find out how we, as medical students, can give back."

Fatima Bawany, Class of 2021


Fatima Bawany, Medical Student

There is more to people than biology—each of us has a personality, a culture, a life. So, our curriculum uses the biopsychosocial model, an innovative approach to medicine. At the University of Rochester, we teach you to understand how each aspect of a patient's life is connected, and how that enables you to give the best possible care to your patient.

The Double Helix curriculum is a revolutionary approach to medical education that was developed in Rochester. It weaves together basic science and clinical medicine from the very first year of your education. You benefit from immediate exposure to patient interactions, learning how to talk to and form relationships with patients.

Not Just Learning... Growing

At Rochester, your education is about more than the transfer of information, it's about the translation of information.

We are committed to transforming students into professionals. And humanists. And problem solvers. And lifelong learners. Here, you will find a network of mentors who not only support you—but also challenge you—to give the best possible care to your patients.

The "Liberal Arts School of Medicine": The Art and Science of Medicine

At the University of Rochester, you benefit from a tight-knit, collaborative, humanities-focused educational environment, housed in a world-class research institution. Interprofessional teamwork is a hallmark of our culture.

The physicians at our medical center take an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving—working closely with other experts on challenging cases and projects. We foster this same type of approach in our medical school.

Our students describe Rochester as a place of unrivaled camaraderie, where professors are eager to collaborate with students. Our students learn that we not only prepare you for the Science of your life's work, but the ART of your life's work.


Mission: We improve the health of individuals and populations through an innovative medical education program that emphasizes inclusion, humility, and personal growth.

Vision: We inspire diverse learners to become compassionate leaders in medicine and science by emphasizing collaboration, discovery and excellence.

Values: The URSMD MD program embraces the IICARE values of Integrity, Inclusion, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.