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Community Outreach

We strive to train medical professional who not only are dedicated to clinical and scientific excellence, but also have developed the compassion, understanding and reflection that come from exposure to cultures and surroundings different than their own. Our institution is committed to promoting the understanding of the social, political and economic determinants of health. In light of this, we have a coordinated Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity (CACHED). This center supports and administers a number of programs such as those listed below.

Global Health

global healthAre you always searching for new ways to expand your impact? Does your passion for helping others transcend boundaries?

At the University of Rochester School of Medicine, we enthusiastically support our students in traveling to other countries to enhance their learning—and improve the lives of people around the world. We offer international medicine programs in more than 40 countries.

Community Service

The Students of Rochester Outreach (SRO) volunteer program allows URSMD students the opportunity to gain insight into the often unique experiences of individuals who face disparities in health care and wellness. It is our goal for U of R students to form alliances with people facing challenges undermining their achievement or living in limited resource settings. As a result, URSMD students develop meaningful relationships with “at-risk” individuals and communities. These experiences reinforce the need for continued volunteerism and advocacy when they become physicians. There are numerous opportunities available, one of the most popular being UR Well, a student-run program providing health services for the uninsured. In order to fully engage in your community relationships, 4th year students must complete a four-week service-learning experience in the curriculum named the Community Health Improvement Course.

Student Organizations

The U of R has an enormous array of student run organizations in which to participate. Fundamental to our principles, our community of learners and staff relish the opportunity to get involved. Browse through the plethora of potential ways to create impact and meaningful change. Within the first few weeks of your experience here, a student activity fair will take place to help you focus on your interests and connect you with the organizations.

There will be a Student Activities fair at the beginning of the school year, where you can talk to student leaders of each group and sign up for their listserv. Keep your eye out for emails in the first few weeks of school—groups often email everyone at first before switching to their distribution lists so you can get a feel for what they do.

Community Clinics

community outreachAre you interested in social justice? Do you want to care for underserved populations? Do you seek experience in primary care?

Our community clinics let you get a head start in the medical field while helping people who may not otherwise get the care they need. We have two student-run volunteer clinics, known as "UR Well Clinics," which serve the homeless and uninsured. By participating in these clinics, you will:

  • Get hands-on medical education and apply the skills you learn in the classroom
  • Give affordable and convenient care to people in need
  • Get exposure to the financial and human management of medical services

UR Well

The mission of UR Well is to provide free high-quality preventative and health maintenance services to uninsured and under-served families and individuals in an effort to foster the health of the community of Rochester, NY while promoting the spirit of education, social justice, and collaboration.

For more detailed information, visit the UR Well website.

Street Outreach

UR Street Outreach is a student-run project at the University Rochester School of Medicine. Through this program, you can help the homeless population in Rochester by delivering care directly to the homeless in their environments.

Homeless populations may be reluctant to get health care in established settings, therefore, students involved in Street Outreach seek homeless people through our mobile van and our backpack clinic. Building trust in the immediate setting is so important in this process and Street Outreach can be a valuable opportunity to learn that skill while taking care of a marginalized group of patients that can benefit from our help.

Working with Pipeline Programs

Community Engagement OrientationThe University of Rochester is strongly committed to increasing the number of physicians from diverse backgrounds. The School of Medicine & Dentistry is accomplishing this not only through student recruitment, but also by expanding the pool of potential students through programs providing high school and college students, from historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with opportunities to pursue careers in medicine and the biomedical sciences.

These programs also provide medical students with opportunities to develop their teaching and mentorship skills and help prepare the future for careers in academic medicine. Students who participate in these programs tell us that this is one of their “favorite contributions” made during their time in medical school.