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Take the Blood Pressure Quiz

Do you know your risk factors for high blood pressure? You can’t do anything about some risk factors. But other risk factors can be changed. Learn about the risk factors for high blood pressure by taking this quiz.

1. At what age should you have your first screening for high blood pressure?
2. The numbers in a blood pressure reading:
3. What is the most common symptom of high blood pressure?
4. Which of these can increase your risk of high blood pressure?
5. At what point is blood pressure considered stage 1 high blood pressure?
6. High blood pressure is the main cause of which of these?
7. Which of these contribute to high blood pressure?
8. In which age group of men does the risk for high blood pressure go up?
9. Why does reducing how much salt (sodium) you eat help prevent high blood pressure?
10. What can you do to control high blood pressure?

Medical Reviewers:

  • Kang, Steven, MD
  • Wojcik, Stacey, MBA, BSN, RN