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Air Sensor Stories

Sensor Stories GraphicThese materials and workshop were developed to help diverse audiences understand the potential of user-friendly air quality sensors to address communities’ questions and concerns about particle pollution. It provides a basic introduction to the sources, regulations, and health effects of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), an overview of the many user-friendly models of sensors on the market, and an interactive “Action Plan” activity to help participants apply what they have learned to a real problem.  Optional interactive activities are provided to help participants explore key concepts and how sensors work. The workshop is designed to take between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how many hands-on activities are integrated.

Supported by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences grants to: University of Rochester (P30-ES01247), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (P30-ES010126), University of Texas Medical Branch (P30-ES006676), Columbia University (P30-ES009089), and WE ACT for Environmental Justice.  Last updated 8/2018.

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