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Community Projects Archive

This page summarizes completed COEC projects, listed in reverse chronological order. For a list of current COEC projects and partnerships, please visit our projects page.

Brownfield Redevelopment and Public Health

Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment by private owners or governments can create sites for new housing, businesses, recreation spaces, and services that improve a neighborhood. By eliminating vacancy and blight, redevelopment can improve safety and strengthen the sense of community within neighborhoods. Neighbors often have questions about potential environmental contamination at brownfield sites as cleanup and redevelopment proceeds. Visit the Brownfield redevelopment page to learn more about COEC activities connecting Brownfields and public health. 

Community Assessment of Local Fish Consumption

Community Assessment of Local Fish ConsumptionThe COEC initiated a project to develop a rapid assessment tool for determining which groups may be at risk from fish consumption in urban areas around Lake Ontario. The goal of this project is to characterize which populations, if any, are at greater risk for negative health effects associated with eating fish in excess of the published consumption advice. The COEC is also exploring viable outreach mechanisms to reach subsistence anglers, and educational strategies that promote prevention both through informed fish consumption and water quality protection efforts. This project is funded by a one-year grant from the Great Lakes Protection Fund. Read more about the local fish consumption project.

Unconventional Natural Gas Development of the Marcellus Shale

Marcellus Shale gas development, like all industrial processes, has the potential to have a lasting impact on human health, the environment, and communities. It is important to consider these consequences and ensure that systems are in place to minimize potential impacts. The COEC studies potential impacts and provides information regarding the potential health impacts of unconventional shale gas development.

Perinatal Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Sciences Center's key research focus is on the effects of early life environmental exposures. Accordingly, the COEC supports several efforts to improve perinatal environmental health.