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Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts

There are many local resources available for information and support on lead poisoning prevention, including through the City of Rochester, Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning, Monroe County Department of Public Health, and Western NY Lead Poisoning Resource Center.

This page summarizes the CEC's lead poisoning prevention activities in our community.

Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning

Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning (logo)The Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning (CPLP) is an education and advocacy organization comprising over 100 individuals and community organizations dedicated to eliminating childhood lead poisoning in Monroe County. The UR CEC has been a core member of the coalition for over six years. The mission is to provide leadership and advocacy to empower the community and its residents to prevent the lead poisoning of children by creating an environment that is free of lead hazards, facilitates the creation of a system that protects children, creates jobs, and enhances property values.

Rochester's Lead Law

In 2006, CPLP partners succeeded in passing Rochester's Lead Ordinance, one of the first local lead laws in the country. Since the law passed, the CEC has focused on sustaining implementation of the law, evaluating its impacts and disseminating lessons learned to other communities. For example, in collaboration with community and government partners, we annually assess implementation of the lead law, outcomes of housing inspections, and geographic distributions of lead poisoning cases.  Rochester City government staff and CPLP have used results of these analyses in decisions about implementing and amending the lead law. Most recently, results from a year five review conducted by the CEC highlighted the need to inspect 1- and 2-family units more frequently.

Are Local Laws the Key to Ending Childhood Lead Poisoning?

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Coalitions in New York State

New York State Health Foundation logoThis project, conducted by the CEC in 2008, leveraged the Environmental Health Sciences Center’s and Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning’s local lead poisoning prevention experience to build community capacity and foster lead coalitions in three upstate counties with high lead risk: Cayuga, Chemung, and Oneida . This project was funded by a one-year grant from the New York State Health Foundation.