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Other Resources

When thinking about traveling overseas, some of the most asked questions are 1. which group can I join to get experience, and 2. where can I get medications and supplies to use overseas?  Below are a few links to help get you started answering these two questions.

Staying Safe While Overseas

The UR now has an Office dedicated to assisting global travelers stay safe.  The UR Office for Global Engagement can help travelers access the UR-provided medical evacuation insurance, track where travelers are overseas and update them about possible threats, and provide pre-trip resources on staying safe.  Please visit the UR Global Engagement website to learn more.


Medications and Supplies


  • This group can provide selected medications at low cost to non-profit organizations.


  • This group can provide selected medications at low cost to non-profit organizations.


  • Intervol is a Rochester-based organization that collects used and unwanted medical and dental equipment.  For a very low price, non-profit organizations can select from their large inventory.


  • International Dispensery Association is based in the Netherlands.  They have a huge medication inventory at prices appropriate for low-income countries.  Note that medications purchased from IDA cannot be shipped to the US.  Orders can only be sent to developing countries.

Medical Supplies list compiled by Nicholas Maxwell (UR med student)

  • Organizations Active Overseas

    Finding a group to join for an overseas trip can be challenging.  So many people want to volunteer overseas.  This makes finding a group that meets your needs challenging.  Many groups require a six month or longer committment.  One recommendation is to avoid groups that mainly offer medical tourism.  Find groups that have a long, on-going project in a specific area.  


    • Doctors Without Borders is well known for humanitarian work, often in dangerous locations.


    • Partners in Health was started by Paul Farmer in Haiti, but has expanded to many other parts of the world.

    World Medical Mission

    • Christian-based organization that has long term opportunities available.

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