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Faculty & Staff


  • Adler, David
    Emergency Medicine
    Research Interests: Comparison of HPV Infection and Cervical Disease Between HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Adolescent Females in Cape Town, South Africa
    Teaching: Chair, International Medicine Faculty Advisory Committee, University of Rochester School of Medicine
    Countries: Latin America
    Associations: Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
    Contact Info:
  • Aligne, Andy
    Hoekelman Center, Pediatrics
    Clinical Interests: Community health resident projects in association with local NGOs. Hoekelman Center
    Research Interests: Did survey in Senegal re malaria. NetLife Africa
    Teaching: Training in community health project development in two-week CARE Block every year. Mentorship for longitudinal projects
    Countries: Senegal, India, Dominican Republic
    Contact Info:


  • Barrett, Emily
    Ob/Gyn, Research
    Research Interests: Public health research on exposure to environmental chemicals; reproductive epidemiology
    Countries: Tromso, Norway, Tsimane- hunter-gatherers from Bolivia
    Associations: Todd Jusko - UR
    Contact Info:
  • Bearden, David
    Department of Neurology
    Clinical Interests:  NeuroHIV, child neurologist
    Countries: Botswana, Zambia
    Contact Information:
    Other Links:
  • Berliant, Marc
    Medicine, General Medicine
    Countries: Peru, Central and South America
    Contact Info:
  • Birbeck, Gretchen
    Neurology, CHET, Epilepsy
    Clinical Interests: Director for Chikankata Epilepsy Care Team in Mazabuka, Zambia Adjunct faculty at the University of Zambia Co-Director for Pediatric Neurophysiology Lab at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi PI for NIH-funded studies of cerebral malaria, neuro-HIV, and epilepsy in Zambia and Malawi
    Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa Rural populations Neurologic disorders
    Associations: Chikankata Hospital University of Zambia’s University Teaching Hospital Blantyre Malaria Project, Michael Potchen, Imaging Sciences Sam Kampondeni, Adjust in Imaging Sciences (UR)
    Contact Info:


  • Caine, Eric
    Research Interests: Research related to suicide and suicide prevention; women¹s mental health burdens, including perinatal depression; mHealth use for persons with severe mental disorders and social epidemiology with MSM/HIV. Collaborators include Vince Silenzio, Kate Cerulli,Ellen Poleshuck, as well as multiple colleagues in China
    Countries: China, broad general population, persons with mental disorders, women with mental and emotional distress ‹ and perinatal depression; internet and social media studies, Sub-Mekong & Asia-Pacific Regions, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and others
    Teaching: FIC supported programs in research training; pending FIC funding for eCapacity development in mHealth and social epidemiology
    Associations: International Assn of Suicide Prevention; International Academy of Suicide Research
    Contact Info:
  • Cerulli, Catherine
    Psychiatry, LIVV, and Susan B. Anthony Center
    Clinical Interests: Training on IRB regs for international colleagues securing US dollars
    Countries: Chengdu China - IPV/depression rural Chinese women - wrapped up surveys helping in-country PI analyze/write data, Laos, Perinatal/IPV study, Laos, Human Trafficking Prevention Project (Wrapping Up) Sub-M Region - WHO project for perinatal depression/IPV
    Associations: ASPIRE
    Contact Info:
  • Conwell, Yeates
    Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry
    Research Interests: Main activities: Currently co-PI of an NIMH-funded R01 in Zhejiang Province, China; and mentor for a foundation funded study of dementiascreening measures used in Wuhan primary care clinics
    Teaching Interests: Eric Caine, I and others have for15 years done suicide prevention and health services research training in China. We have many mentees in different parts of the country. Also, he has just gotten notice of funding from the NIH Fogarty Center for an R25 for training in sub-Mekong countries.
    Countries: China; suicide prevention and late life depression treatment trials; dementia surveillance
    Contact Info:


  • Davidson, Philip
    Pediatrics, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
    Research Interests: I serve as PI of the Seychelles Child Development Study
    Countries: Republic of Seychelles
    Associations: I am President-Elect of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IASSIDD)
    Contact Info:
  • Demment, Margaret
    University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute
    Clinical Interests: Staff scientist on the CDC thematic research network: Global and Territorial Health Research Network
    Research Interests: Review of literature on women’s cancers in low-resource areas
    Countries: East Africa, global
  • Contact Info:
    Dozier, Ann
    Public Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Research Interests: Relatively fluent in Spanish; have lived in South America; so would also have interest in working in countries where Spanish is the primary language
    Countries: Relatively fluent in Spanish; have lived in South America; so would also have interest in working in countries where Spanish is the primary language, have done work in Caribbean, Asia (Tibet/India)
    Contact Info:
  • Dogra, Vikram
    Imaging Sciences
    Clinical Interests: Clinical radiology in Africa and Latin America and in developing countries.
    Research Interests: Our mission is to bring affordable imaging services to underserved populations world-wide
    Teaching: Founder and Chairman of Medical Imaging Partnership. We provide equipment or funds to purchase or lease equipment for use in clinical practice or in training. We provide training in radiology theory and practice and provide training in practice management, equipment maintenance and organization development.
    Countries: Tanzania, Sarajevo, Mexico and Cambodia
    Contact Info:
  • Dye, Tim
    OB/GYN and UR CTSI
    Clinical Interests: Direct the CDC's Global and Territorial Health Research Network Coordinating Center, Edit international journal (Maternal and Child Health Journal), Organizing Symposium on Data Diplomacy, PI of several international projects on public health aspects of global populations
    Research Interests: Work in Maternal and Child Health, Access to Cancer Treatment and Cancer Health Systems, Technology and Public Health
    Countries: Actively working in Asia (India and Tibet), Europe (Indigenous populations of the Arctic), Africa and the Middle East (Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Turkey), Pacific (US Affiliated Pacific Islands)
    Associations: On OneHEART Worldwide Board; Representative to CODATA; Fellow and Chartered Geographer of the Royal Geographic Society
    Contact Info:


  • Fernandez, Constantino
    OB/GYN, Family Planning
    Clinical Interests: Clinical -Health Education -Church clinic for the poor program, Church Clinic BOACO-Nicaragua
    Research Interests: HPV Vaccine usage in Nicaragua, Family Planning IUD, Depoprovera, BIZ use in Nicaragua
    Teaching: Surgical mentor for BIZ and friends, Courses and Lectures ‘to promotores de salad’ Health AIDS, Family planning for doctors and residents
    Countries: Russia, Nicaragua, Spain, Mexico
    Associations: Rotarian, National Hispanic Medical Association, IMA helps
    Contact Info:
  • Fogg, Thomas
    Research Interests: University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute
    Countries:  U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
    Associations: CDC-sponsored Global and Territorial Health Research Network
    Contact Info:
  • Fong, Chin-To
    Pediatrics, Medicine, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medical Humanities, Genetics
    Clinical Interests: Partnering4Africa (Lugala, Uganda) Mission-based clinic work (surgical missions, genetics clinics)
    Research Interests: Research on the genetics of nutrition projected to begin in 2015 in Blantyre, Malawi
    Teaching: Pereira, Colombia Gondar, Ethiopia (pending development) HoChiMinh City (pending development)
    Countries: Africa, Asia, South America
    Contact Info:


  • Garfunkel, Lynn
    Clinical Interests: Outpatient Clinic in Bigot, Zorange, Haiti, SW Previously participated (post earthquake) with CRUDEM Foundation in Milot (Hospital Sacre Coeur), Haiti, North. CRUDEM has a large well structured commitment to serving the population/community/health providers in northern Haiti
    Research Interests: Supervision of program evaluations in Nicaragua performed by medical students
    Teaching: Clinical education for small, new practice providers (MD, RN, pharmacist, lab tech) in Bigot, Zorange, Haiti (SW). Participate in educational forums and assist RU Pediatric and MEDPED residents with their GH training.
    Countries: Haiti, SW – most recently with Hope for Hait Foundation – pediatric / general medical clinic development Interest is BROAD
    Contact Info:

  • Golden, Mary
    Program Chair | Assistant Professor Interior Design | Rochester Institute of Technology
    Clinical Interests: Neonatology; Women’s Health and Education; Community Health Interventions
    Research Interests: Interior design and public health; The impact of design interventions in reducing infant mortality in Honduras’ largest public hospital; Implementation of educational outreach in the built environment (architectural and mobile) to improve women’s access to healthcare and kangaroo mother care support services.
    Teaching: Interior Environment and Architectural Interventions for Improved Healthcare and Health Education Facilities
    Countries: Honduras
    Associations: IDEC, IIDA
    Contact Info:
    Web Site: Little Angels of Honduras
  • Greenberg, Lior
    Internal Medicine, Primary Care
    Clinical Interests: Israel Defense Forces - 2011 - Military Public Health Branch (Medical Corps), organization for IDF team 3/2011; Iniciativas de Paz - 2010 - Post-earthquake relief - Haiti
    Research Interests: Plasmodium vivax Duffy binding protein polymorphisms and population studies, Hepatitis B vaccination - research with IDF (submitted for publication)
    Teaching: Case Western Reserve University - Infectious Disease Fellowship, w/tropical medicine lectures (2007-2010) Case Western Reserve University - Family Medicine Global Health Track - lecture on International Health 5/2010 URMC Med/Peds Global Health Track - advisor, lecture 12/2013 on Global TB Family Medicine Global Health - lecture 1/2014 on Global TB
    Countries: Israel/Palestinian Territories, Japan - post Tsunami, Haiti - 3/2010
    Associations: IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) - current member ASTMH (American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) - poster presentation 11/2010
    Contact Info:


  • Harris, Orlando
    School of Nursing
    Clinical Interests: Public Health
    Research Interests: Qualitative HIV research; intersection of culture, sexuality, and HIV risk behaviors
    Teaching: Affiliated with the Institute for Gender and Development Studies unit at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica
    Countries: Caribbean, primarily Jamaica
    Contact Info:


  • Jusko, Todd
    Departments of Public Health Sciences & Environmental Medicine
    Research Interests: The environmental causes of human disease, in particular how environmental chemicals contribute to adverse immunological development over the entire lifespan
    Countries: Slovakia, Mexico, the Netherlands
    Contact Info:


  • Keefer, Michael
    Medicine, Infectious Diseases
    Research Interests: HIV Vaccine Trials Network, UR HVTN Clinical Research Site: Rochester Victory Alliance
    Countries: South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
    Contact Info:
  • Kieburtz, Karl
    UR CTSI/ Neurology/ CHET
    Clinical Interests: Parkinson disease and other chronic neurodegenerative disorders
    Research Interests: Research training and clinical trials
    Teaching: Mostly in conduct of clinical trials
    Countries: India
    Associations: Parkinson Research Alliance of India European Huntington Disease Network
    Contact Info:
  • Korones, David
    Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (Pediatrics), Palliative Care (medicine)
    Clinical Interests: We are a small group of pediatric oncologists who are establishing pediatric oncology care in a country where none exists. We are currently training fellows, helping out with clinical care and family support. Aslan Project
    Research Interests: We participate in a SIOP sponsored multinational clinical trial for treating children in Africa with Wilms tumor - it is called Collaborative Wilms Tumour Africa Project.
    Teaching: Through the above project, we have initiated a formal pediatric hematology/oncology training program at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa. The program consists of a series of core lectures (including telelectures) and visiting professors who come for 1-2 weeks at a time to train the fellows (lecturing, rounding)
    Countries: Ethiopia (Addis Ababa and Jimma, pediatric oncology)
    Contact Info:



  • McIntosh, Scott
    Public Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Clinical Interests: Public Health, Community Health Interventions
    Research Interests: Web Assisted Tobacco Interventions, Program Development, Surveillance, Randomized Trials
    Teaching: Training medical students in Dominican Republic: Tobacco Dependence Treatment
    Countries: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, US Pacific Island Territories
    Associations: Pan American Health Organization, CDC
    Contact Info:
  • McMahon, James
    UR School of Nursing
    Research Interests: Collaborating with researchers at Tallinn University, Department of Public Health on HIV prevention research with injection drug users.
    Teaching: Gave series of lectures at Tallinn University on HIV intervention development and infectious disease transmission simulation analysis.
    Countries: Estonia (Eastern Europe)
    Contact Info:
  • Morgan, Adrienne
    The Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education, and Diversity, Offices for Medical Education; The Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics
    Research Interests: Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity
    Teaching: URSMD has Educational Exchange Agreements with the following medical schools throughout the world:
    1. Jagiellonian University Medical School - Krakow, Poland
    2. National Taiwan University- Taipei City, Taiwan
    3. Universidad de Navarra- Pamplona, Spain
    4. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos- Lima, Peru
    5. Shanghai Jiao-Tong University- Shanghai, China
    6. Seoul National University - Seoul, South Korea

    Countries: For medical students interested in doing global research or clinical experiences, students can go anywhere in the world except for countries on the United States State Department or CDC Travel Warning list.
    Associations: AAMC Global Health Learning Opportunities
    Contact Info:


  • Nelson, La Ron
    UR School of Nursing
    Clinical Interests: Community-engagement, public health, clinical Global health research activities: HIV prevention and treatment
    Research Interests: Research with MSM in Ghana; HIV prevention with African/Caribbean/Black Canadian communities
    Countries: Ghana and Canada
    Associations: International Association of Adolescent; Sexual Education & Information Council of Canada
    Contact Info:


  • Ossip, Deborah
    Public Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Medicine
    Clinical Interests: New Fogarty International Center grant just funded (Dye, Ossip MPIs) on development of Information Communication Technology for Maternal Health in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and the LAC region.
    Research Interests: NIH trial of tobacco cessation and secondhand smoke reduction in economically disadvantaged Dominican Republic Communities. Facebook page. Includes articles, materials/resources, etc.
    Teaching: Have conducted training programs in tobacco intervention and data collection in the Dominican Republic as part of the NIH trials. Doing the second of two global classrooms this semester with students at the UR and at a partner university in the Dominican Republic.
    Countries: Latin America/Caribbean: particularly Dominican Republic, Costa Rica (new grant will likely include Honduras)
    Associations: President Elect, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (International Organization): Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT); Member, North American Quitline Consortium (NAQC)
    Contact Info:


  • Patel, Mukesh
    India Initiative
    Clinical Interests: Education Research Clinical Services and/or Training
    Countries: India
    Associations: L. V. Prasad Eye Institute (Hyderabad, India)
    Contact Info:
  • Patel, Barinder (Vida)
    India Initiative
    Clinical Interests: Education Research Clinical Services and/or Training
    Countries: India
    Associations: L. V. Prasad Eye Institute (Hyderabad, India)
    Contact Info:
  • Poleshuck, Ellen
    Research Interests: Developing and implementing research protocols to describe perinatal depression in these regions; using these findings to develop, implement, and assess interventions to respond to perinatal depression. I am also part of the ASPIRE network to build research capacity for psychiatric research throughout Southeast Asia
    Countries: China and Southeast Asia
    Associations: World Health Organization
    Contact Info:
  • Potchen, Michael
    Imaging Sciences
    Clinical Interests: Clinical radiology in Malawi and Zambia teaching at local medical schools
    Research Interests: Malaria research in Malawi and Zambia
    Teaching: Coordinator of radiology training program in Zambia
    Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa (Malawi and Zambia at present)
    Contact Info:


  • Ramchandran, Rajeev S.
    Departments of Ophthalmology and Public Health Sciences
    Research Interests: population health, health services research, implementation science and program evaluation, ophthalmology, retinal disease
    Countries: India, L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India
    Web Link:
    Contact Information:
  • Rich, David
    Departments of Public Health Sciences, Environmental Medicine, Department of Medicine
    Research Interests: Dr. Rich's research interests are quite broad, but his research focuses on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and perinatal/reproductive health effects of exposures to environmental agents
    Countries: China
    Web Link:
  • Rowley, Rebecca
    Obstetrics and Gynecology Division, Research
    Research Interests: Working with Emily Barrett: environmental exposures research; Working with Tim Dye: public health research
    Teaching: Working with Shawn Murphy: education
    Countries: Working with Shawn Murphy: Canada, Argentina; Working with Emily Barrett: Peru; Working with Tim Dye: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Nepal
    Contact Info:


  • Stockman, Douglas
    Family Medicine, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Clinical Interests: Operate an ongoing project in one region since 2005. We provide intermittent curative medical and dental services. We have multiple interventions geared towards rural development and health improvement. Some of these activities include water projects, sanitation projects, scholarships for children, improvements in agriculture and food processing, microfinance, and many other interventions. San Jose Partners. Family Medicine, Global Health
    Teaching: Director of Department of family medicine at the University of Rochester global health program. We have 2 global health teaching afternoons per year and about 4 or 5 nonfiction book club meetings per year.
    Countries: Honduras, Central America
    Associations: Pan American Health Organization, CDC
    Contact Info:




  • Yawman, Daniel
    Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine
    Clinical Interests: Co-administrator for Medical Student/Resident rotation in El Sauce, Nicaragua since 1998. This is a University of Rochester School of Medicine approved rotation.
    Research Interests: Supervision of program evaluations in Nicaragua performed by medical students.
    Teaching: Medical Spanish instructor at UR SOM Coordinator of reading electives on Latino Health and Medical Spanish
    Countries: Latino Health – Central/South America. Clinical focus has been in Nicaragua. I have provided medical care in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize and supervised medical student electives in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru.
    Associations: Health Volunteers Oversees, Intervol, Operation Smile, Enlaceproject
    Contact Info: