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Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

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Our Family Medicine doctors are with you every step of your pregnancy - from before you get pregnant through the birth of your baby. If you are pregnant now or planning your pregnancy, our Family Medicine doctors can help keep you and your baby healthy. We follow the Centering Pregnancy® prenatal care program, which provides better outcomes and experiences for patients. To learn more, visit Centering Pregnancy.

Your Highland Family Medicine team is supported by the resources and facilities at Highland Hospital, which delivers more babies than any other hospital in Rochester. Highland offers private birthing suites and compassionate, highly experienced nurses who provide an outstanding level of care, including the Special Care Nursery and Perinatal Center.

Our doctors are also here to care for your children and the rest of your family through every stage of life. Having one doctor who knows and cares for you and every member of your family can mean healthier lives for all.


Centering Pregnancy