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Highland Hospital / Geriatrics / Specialized Services / Acute Care For Elders Unit

Acute Care for Elders Unit (ACE)

Geriatrcs Department at Highland Hospital

ACE Is The Gold Standard of Care for Older Adults

The ACE model of care is an evidence-based system designed to prevent patients from experiencing functional decline during hospitalization. At Highland Hospital, we identify patients with certain risk factors at admission, and we target them with specific interventions to preserve or restore physical and mental functioning. Interventions often include walking, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, medication review, and more.

Our Goal

Our goal is to minimize stress from hospitalization, and help patients return, as quickly as possible, to the level of independence and activity that they enjoyed before their illness. Studies show that patients on ACE units are less likely to experience functional decline and complications during hospitalization, and they are less likely to be discharged to a nursing home.

Highly Trained Interdisciplinary Team and Coordinated Care

Highland has a wealth of board certified geriatricians on staff — more than all other area hospitals combined — and offers a comprehensive suite of geriatric services. Many of our nurses have geriatric-specific NICHE training and are certified by the ANCC.

Every morning, an interdisciplinary care team visits each patient. Patients and their loved ones are included and valued as members of the care team. Dignity and comfort are emphasized.

Depending on the patient's condition, the team may include physician specialists (such as neurologists and cardiologists); nurses; physical, speech, and/or occupational therapists; social workers; nutritionists; pharmacists; and Hospital Elder Life Program coordinators. The care team manages all of the details of care including:

  • Daily walking (twice a day if able)
  • Nutritious diet
  • Skin care
  • Medication review and reconciliation
  • Pain management
  • Billing and insurance
  • Coordination of home care

The ACE Unit at Highland Is Unique — The Only One of Its Kind in the Region

The Rochester community is fortunate to have the ACE unit at Highland. There are only 200 or so ACE units in the U.S. Plus, Highland is renowned for compassionate care and a comfortable community hospital environment.

Highland Hospital is affiliated with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) and our care teams have access to the wealth of clinical and research resources at URMC.