General Orthopaedics

When pain or stiffness in your bones or joints makes even the simplest tasks hard to do, it's time to seek medical help. Whether you suffered an injury or are experiencing pain or stiffness in your joints from a health issue or repetitive motion, our team of highly qualified medical professionals will help you find relief from pain and get back to a life in motion.

Most bone and joint conditions have several treatment options. The Orthopaedic surgeons at Highland Hospital are all part of the faculty at UR Medicine Orthopaedics, letting you benefit from not only time-tested techniques and experience, but also the latest advances in research and training. The UR Medicine faculty can offer the widest range of treatment options in Upstate New York and the best treatment for you is based on your needs.

If bone or joint pain is interfering with your everyday life, call (585) 275-5321 for a consultation with one of our specialists.