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Breast Pumps

Personal Use Breast Pumps

breast pumpInsurance generally covers the purchase price of a breast pump. Do your homework to identify the breast pump you want and call your insurance company to make sure that they cover it prior to making the purchase. Alternatively, a medical supply store may also be able to help you with coverage questions.

Rochester Area Insurance Breast Pump Suppliers:

Eastside Medical Supply: (585) 623-8936

Fonte Health Care Solutions: (585) 338-1000

Nu-Life Medical Equipment: (585) 672-5105

Pediatric Medical Supply: (585) 381-3060

United Medical Equipment: (585) 360-4900

Westside Medical: (585) 227-8750 x103

Your Care Medical: (585) 377-5350

Hospital Grade Rental Pumps

Medela Symphony breast pumps are available for use during your hospital stay. If you wish to continue using a hospital grade breast pump after discharge, you can rent one in the Rochester community. Visit for a full list of rental suppliers.

Breastfeeding and pump information may also be obtained from the Monroe County W.I.C. office at (585) 753-5640 .