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URMC / Highland Hospital / Medical Professionals / Physician News / February 2023 / Highland Provides Access to Health Care for Vulnerable Population

Highland Provides Access to Health Care for Vulnerable Population

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Highland Hospital’s inpatient medicine consult service for patients experiencing homelessness provides specialized care for some of Rochester’s most vulnerable. Mike Hudson, M.D., Highland Hospitalist, launched a consult service which focuses on the unique challenges of those experiencing homelessness. He worked with Highland leadership to create this initiative which takes a holistic approach to care for the homeless.

"We look at each patient as an individual and integrate their inpatient care with their options for continued care outside the hospital,” said Dr. Hudson. That includes working with social work to understand the patient's discharge plan, tailoring medications and care plans to their discharge environment, and connecting patients with transportation such as Medicab to help enable care after discharge. Patients are often referred to Regional Health Reach, a Rochester organization which provides primary care to those experiencing homelessness.  This group can see patients at shelters, in the office, and even on the streets of Rochester.  His service can be consulted by any Highland Hospital service. For more information contact Dr. Hudson at


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