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Security Services at Highland Hospital

Lost and Found

The Security Office is located off the main lobby and is available 24 hours a day. Any patient belongings left behind will be kept in the Security Office. Every attempt will be made to contact the owner. Any articles left past 30 days will be discarded. We advise you not to keep large amounts of money or valuables in your room. Please send such items home with family or ask a staff member to secure them for you.

Escort to Your Vehicle

Security escorts to your vehicle are provided on request 24 hours a day. If you or a visitor would like an escort, please dial “0” (zero) from any hospital telephone and ask that a security officer be paged.


If you have a problem with any electrical equipment in your room, inform a staff member immediately.

Fire Alarm/Fire Drills

Highland Hospital conducts 12 fire drills per year. During a fire drill or alarm, the nursing staff will ask you to stay in your hospital room with the door closed. At the end of a drill or alarm, an "all clear" will be paged overhead and normal activities will resume.