Highland Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy


1000 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

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Mon − Fri

9 am − 5:30 pm

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10 am − 2 pm

Enroll in Free Home Delivery

Anyone can sign up for our free home delivery, and UR Medicine patients can easily enroll through MyChart and request refills online:

  • Log in to MyChart and select Medications > Refill a Prescription

  • Under Delivery Method, select “Deliver by UR Pharmacy Delivery”

  • Next, provide a delivery address and add any special instructions

In most cases, deliveries are made within 24 hours

Switch to Highland Pharmacies

We can easily transfer your prescriptions and work with your insurance to help you avoid any delays and surprises.

Transfer to Highland Pharmacies
Call (585) 341-0699

Convenient. Affordable. Trusted.

Highland’s Outpatient Pharmacy, located just off the hospital lobby, can help you understand and manage your discharge prescriptions when leaving the hospital. We also provide a complete range of services to patients after they are discharged.

Our free home prescription delivery makes our expert, hospital-quality pharmacy care available to everyone. We’re the only local health system to make this expert level of pharmacy care available to anyone in the region.

We’ll collaborate closely with you and your doctor to serve your ongoing prescription medication needs with our personalized service and medication counseling.

Because staying on schedule with your medication is so important we can bring your discharge medications right to your hospital bed and offer free home prescription delivery for all other prescriptions.

We can also:

  • Synchronize your prescriptions so your refills are on the same schedule

  • Package medication specifically for you so you can stay organized (with home delivery)

  • Coordinate with your insurance to help you avoid any delays and surprises

  • Easily transfer your prescriptions here

  • Provide discounted over-the-counter medications, immunizations, convenient refills, and safe disposal of outdated/extra medication

Our services are available to:

  • General public

  • All UR Medicine patients, including Highland Hospital discharge patients, Emergency Department patients, and clinic patients

  • Hospital Patients

    • Your doctor can electronically send prescriptions to the us, and we’ll coordinate with your insurance and bring your discharge prescriptions to your room. Your copays would be the same as your home pharmacy.

  • Same Day Surgery Patients

    • To make your discharge as smooth as possible (especially late-day discharges), you can coordinate payment and insurance ahead of time. Just give us a call (585) 341-0699 or visit the Pharmacy, located off the main lobby, before you go down to Surgery Registration. Your nurse can also help coordinate your discharge medications.

  • Our staff

    • Our lobby location makes it convenient to have your prescriptions filled here at the hospital. For employees enrolled in Highland's insurance plans, we offer up to a 25% discount on prescription medications. Call or stop in for information on how to transfer your current prescriptions.