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Highland Hospital / Departments - Centers / Pharmacy / Outpatient Pharmacy

Outpatient Pharmacy at Highland Hospital

Highland Hospital Pharmacy

Conveniently Located Near the Hospital Lobby

Our services are available to:

  • Hospital patients who are being discharged
  • Clinic patients
  • Emergency Department patients
  • Patients who are regularly seen at Highland
  • Highland Employees


  • Prescriptions filled for patients prior to discharge
  • Prescriptions delivered to patient’s room prior to discharge
  • Variety of Over the Counter Medications sold at a discounted price
  • Provides immunizations for flu, pneumonia, shingles, tetanus, and COVID
  • Medication and Over the Counter counseling
  • On-line insurance billing for prescriptions

For Our Patients

  • Your doctor can electronically send prescriptions to the Outpatient Pharmacy prior to your discharge. The pharmacy will take care of getting your prescription insurance information and call fill and have your discharge prescriptions brought up to your room prior to discharge. Your copays would be the same as your home pharmacy.
  •  If you’re coming in for a Same Day Surgery: You can check in with the pharmacy after you check in at the surgical desk, or you can call the pharmacy ahead of time so we can coordinate payment and insurance to make your discharge as smooth as possible (especially for a late day discharge).

For Our Staff

  • The Outpatient Pharmacy has a convenient lobby location for staff to fill prescriptions. For employees enrolled in Highland's insurance plans we offer up to a 25% discount on prescription medications. Call or stop in for information on how to transfer your current prescriptions.