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Pharmacy Student Rotations at Highland Hospital

Highland Pharmacy

For Pharmacy Students

If you're currently enrolled as pharmacy student and are interested in Highland Hospital’s IPPE or APPE pharmacy experiences, please contact your school of pharmacy experiential education office.

APPE Elective Rotation Information

Pharmacy Student Requirements Prior to Starting a Rotation

  • Students should contact your preceptor a minimum of 7 days prior to starting their rotation.
  • Students must fax their health records to employee health at (585) 341-8308 prior to their arrival. The student must clearly indicate on the fax facesheet that they are a pharmacy student participating in a rotation, the name of their designated preceptor and the dates of the rotation.
    • Health records needed: Proof of 2 MMR immunizations, proof of immune titers, or individual Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccines and a recent PPD with interpretation within the last 12 months. If the student received a recent physical exam and/or a recent flu vaccination this should be included.
    • Any student who is not cleared through employee health will not be allowed to start their rotation.

Parking Information:

  • For the first day, park in the visitor garage at the visitor rate.
  • After starting, register to park in the employee parking garage located on South Ave. The student will need to pay a refundable fee of $25 for pass to get in, and then a fee of $2/day that will need to be paid in advance ($60 for a 6 week rotation).
  • Parking on the street is not advised but may be available.