Highland Hospital Pharmacy

A Complete Range of Pharmacy Services

s The Highland Hospital Department of Pharmacy provides a complete range of pharmacy services to inpatients at Highland Hospital.

Our responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain a safe, efficient system for dispensing medications
  • Identify, resolve, and prevent drug-related problems such as drug allergies, food - drug interactions, and drug - drug interactions
  • Act as a drug information resource to medical and nursing staff on the selection, dosage, and route of administration of medications
  • Work with the medical team to collaboratively monitor each patient's response to his or her medications

Highland Pharmacy Mission Statement

A commitment to continuously improve the medication use process ensuring patient safety and positive health related outcomes, with patients and families at the heart of all we do.

Safety First

Patient safety is fundamental to all that we do. It's what drives us to embrace the latest innovations so we can be sure that we always give the correct drug and the correct dose to every patient.

  • We track each and every patient individually.
  • Drug distribution is done primarily through automated devices on each unit that are interfaced with the pharmacy computer system. Our pharmacists review each order written by prescribers.
  • We use bar-code technology to stock ATM-type cabinets with medications in each nursing unit and care area. Bar-code technology is used throughout the purchasing and restocking process to ensure that the right medication is stocked in the correct location in each medication cabinet.
  • Our Pharmacy is staffed by highly trained registered pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians.
  • We use a particulate-free clean room for sterile compounding of medications such as chemotherapy drugs, intravenous nutrition replacement, and intravenous solutions.