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Our Team

Principal Investigators

Angela Branche, M.D.
Angela Branche, M.D.
Director, Infectious Disease Research Clinic
Co-Director, URMC Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit
Associate Professor of Medicine
Anne Falsey, M.D.
Ann Falsey, M.D.
Co-Director, URMC Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit
Professor of Medicine
Edward Walsh, M.D.
Edward Walsh, M.D.
Professor of Medicine

URMC Administrative and Clinical Staff

Kari Steinmetz – Clinical Manager

Sharon Moorehead – Health Project Coordinator

Samuel Diehl – Health Project Coordinator

Erin Nowicki – Health Project Coordinator

Patrick Kingsley – Health Project Coordinator

Amy Kachaylo – Health Project Coordinator

Arthur Zemanek, RN – Research Nurse

Doreen Francis, RN – Research Nurse

Katherine Elena, RN – Research Nurse

Spencer Obrecht, RN – Research Nurse

Ashley Collazo – Research Assistant

Katiera Jackson – Physician Support Specialist (VTEU)

Joan Morales – Administrative Assistant

Peggy Harvey-Lee – Outpatient Access Specialist

Tanya Smith – Clinical Quality Manager

Laboratory Staff

Christopher Lane – Director

Brooke Burgess – Associate Director, Operations

Daniel Krysinski – Lead HVTN Technician 

Michael Peasley – Technical Associate I

Terry Shepard – Laboratory Technician II

Matthew George – Laboratory Technician III

Zoe Tomlinson – Laboratory Technician III

Abigail Hentschke – Laboratory Technician III