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URMC ECHO Pediatric Allergy for the Primary Care Provider

This is a virtual learning space geared towards primary care practitioners to learn more about the current pediatric allergy guidelines and policies.

Participants will be able to bring cases to the group for discussion and provider recommendations. We will also offer short presentations for further information.

This ECHO will be offered on the third Thursday of each month from 12 – 1 pm.

Although we encourage it, you do not need to attend every session. Please sign up and attend whenever your schedule allows! 

Topics may include:

  • Early introduction of foods
  • IgE-mediated food allergy
  • Non-IgE mediated food allergy
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Asthma
  • Rhinitis
  • Chronic hives
  • Medication Allergies
  • Vaccine reactions
  • Psychological supports with allergies
  • Immune deficiency/dysregulation


  • 12 – 12:30 pm: Interactive case presentation, discussion, and recommendations
  • 12:30 – 1 pm: Didactic teaching

Our Hub Team:

  • Jennifer Pier, MD – Pediatric Allergic and Immunologist
  • Esther Prince, MD – Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  • Brianne Schmidt, RD – Registered Dietician
  • Lindsey Melcher, RN – Pediatric Allergy Nurse
  • Catherine Cannan, RN – Pediatric Allergy Nurse

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Contact Us:

Program Director: Jennifer Pier, MD

Program Coordinator: Luanne Crosby