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Develop Digital Content

Digital content, also known as digital media, comes in many forms, from text to audio and video files to animations. The IDEA Team specializes in creation of dynamic, educational screen-capture videos, multi-touch books and interactive modules. 

After creating your project to your liking, we will assist you in uploading the files to Blackboard where learners can access them.  If you need your digital content hosted elsewhere, you will be provided with all of the necessary files and/or links.  Updates and edits on any media we create for you can always be requested.



Have an idea for a project of your own? We will meet with you to discuss your content and the type of media in which you are interested. Contact the IDEA Team to get started:


Live and Screen Capture Videos


Well-designed videos make optimal use of images and enhancements to keep learners focused while improving retention. Your images and/or PowerPoint presentation are recorded from a computer screen while you add the audio. An IDEA Team member can edit and enhance your video to give it a professional look and feel.

5P’s Recording Guide

Example: Video

Interactive Modules

Develop an Interactive Moduledevices

Interactive modules allow learners to engage with the material through simulations, quizzes, and decision trees. A more personalized learning experience can be achieved with interactive modules, and they can be delivered on any device. You provide your content to our team and we create your module!

Example: Interactive Module


Create an iBook


iBooks make the text come alive by offering sound clips, web links, interactive quizzes, videos and much more.

Learners can add highlights and notes to their iBooks, search for text and phrases, and can even access built-in, automatically created study cards that are based on text they’ve highlighted. Provide your content to our team and we’ll give you a textbook that comes alive!

Example: Cardiac Cycle

Please note that iBooks can only be downloaded to iPads, iPhones  and Mac laptops and computers.

Planning Toolsmultimedia

Project Planning Tools

Need some planning tools to help get your project going?