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2021-22 Service Awards and Recognition Banquet

On May 18,  2022, Jones Memorial Hospital honored 36 employees for a combined total of 445 years of dedicated services to the hospital and the community. In addition, the 2021-2022 Service Awards and Recognition banquet included the Care Champion of the Year announcement and the awarding of the Golden J. The event was held at the Wellsville American Legion.


Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries

honoreesAttending the banquet to celebrate were, from left, Judy Burt, 30 years; Stacy Hale, 5 years; Kristen Ives, RN, 15 years; Kathy McDowell, 30 years; Sharon Ritter, 5 years; Carrie Walker, 20 years; Patti Brainard, 15 years; Katy Willard, 20 years; Alan Foote, 10 years; Mary Liz Lewis, 5 years, Jeff Ely, 30 years; Jackie Adrian, RN, 5 years; Ashley Hoffman, 5 years; and Mona Carbone, RN, 35 years. Unable to attend the dinner were Vivian Moline, 40 years; 20 year honorees Lisa Armstrong, Paul McDowell and Lucinda Hall; Amanda Russo, 15 years; 10 year honorees Vanessa Lanterman, Kristen Sweezy, and Kristina Willetts; and five year honorees Kasey Diaz,  Nadine Barber, Crystal Fenti, Melissa Baxter, Jessica Mullen, Brezi Brown, Cierra Dean, Anna Haring, Jason Salmonson, Molly Dempsey, Anna Haxton, and Ron Truax.


TamaraSaraAbbottGolden J Award Recipients

Tamara Abbott and Sara Abbott successfully applied for the Golden J Award, which is given annually to exceptional employees who demonstrate leadership qualities and have a positive impact on patient care and customer service. This is the third time for Tamara and the fifth time Sara has received the award. Applications are submitted with supporting documentation in January and the award is given during the Annual Service Awards banquet.



Fancher2021 Care Champion of the Year

Melinda Fancher was awarded the Care Champion of the Year but was unable to attend the event.

The quarterly Care Champions for 2021 were Kristen Sweezy, first quarter; Laura Young, second quarter; Tamara Abbott, third quarter; and Melinda Fancher, 4th quarter.