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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Angela Glading
Angela Glading, Ph.D.
Phone: (585) 273-5750
Email Angela
Research Interest: Role of cell-cell contact in regulating cellular function in both the normal and disease state

Research Staff

Samantha Colayori
Samantha Colayori, M.S.
Technical Associate

Graduate Students

Rhodalyn Essien
Research Interest:

Suppression of cerebral cavernous malformation nonsense mutation using anti-codon edited tRNAs 

Feyone La
Research Interest: Extracellular matrix-dependent regulation of 3D vascular development.
Nicholas Nobiletti
Research Interest:

Regulation of neutrophil adhesion and function by KRIT1.

Harsha Swamy
Research Interest:

Structural and binding relationships regulating KRIT1 localization and function.