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Mooney Lab

Robert A. Mooney, Ph.D.

Ph.D. 1980
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Center for Musculoskeletal Research

Research Overview

The Mooney Laboratory has been involved in the study of diabetes and obesity for many years. Projects have included studies of insulin action, insulin receptor inhibition and obesity-dependent insulin resistance. During a recent sabbatical in the Center for Musculoskeletal Research at the University of Rochester, Dr. Mooney began to apply this expertise to the study of bone diseases, particularly osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects nearly 27 million Americans. With joint trauma, obesity and diabetes being strong risk factors for OA, the proportion of individuals with more than one of these risk factors is substantial. Despite these risk factors, little is known about the pathologic mechanisms that mediate the increased OA risk after traumatic joint injury in the setting of obesity and diabetes.

The demonstration that obesity is a chronic inflammatory state implicates increased circulating proinflammatory cytokines and adipokines as potential pathologic mediators. The Mooney Laboratory has developed a mouse model of posttraumatic knee OA in the setting of obesity-associated type 2 diabetes. Results demonstrate accelerated OA progression and increased osteophyte formation in this metabolic setting with the novel observation of hyperplastic synovial membrane with increased expression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)(ref 6). This work was recently featured in Research Highlights, February 2012, Nature Reviews/ Rheumatology.

We are exploring the hypothesis that obesity-associated diabetes accelerates progression of osteoarthritis following traumatic injury in part through a pathway that is independent of biomechanical factors and is mediated by TNF-alpha and BMP-2. The results from these investigations are designed to definitively establish the metabolic dysfunction of obesity-associated diabetes as a risk factor for accelerated OA and define TNF-alpha and BMP-2 as a critical mediators of and therapeutic targets for trauma-associated OA in the obese, diabetic population.

During his sabbatical, Dr. Mooney also observed that mice placed on a high-fat diet while skeletally immature had 50% less trabecular bone volume in the femur and tibia than mice on a lean diet. Mice placed on the high-fat diet after skeletal maturity had no decrease in trabecular bone volume relative to controls. The lab is now investigating the hypothesis that a high-fat diet, and possibly its associated obesity and type 2 diabetes during childhood and adolescence, can lead to osteoporosis in the immature skeleton that may predispose the individual to future fractures. A recently funded project is also investigating the co-morbidities of lead exposure and diabetes on bone quality. The results of these studies will be a basis for future mechanistic studies to define the cellular and molecular pathways impacted by high fat diet on the skeleton.

Recent Publications

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