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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Christopher Ritchlin, MD, MPHChristopher Ritchlin, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine
Project: Roles of DC-STAMP in Osteoclast and Osteoblast (OC::OB) Coupling


Maria de la Luz Garcia-Hernandez, PhD Maria De La Luz Garcia-Hernandez, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Project: The Role of DC-STAMP in Osteoclastogenesis

Ananta Paine Ananta Paine, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Project: Bench to Bedside Research Using Systems Biology Approach

Research Staff

No Photo AvailableStacey Duemmel
Laboratory Technician IV

Nicholas HuertasNelson Huertas, Jr.
Technical Associate II

No Photo AvailableMarc Nuzzo
Laboratory Technician IV