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Oral Histories

Audio and Video Interviews: Inventory

When it became obvious in the early 1970s that the generation that had established the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry was thinning, an oral history program was begun to record on audio (and sometimes video) tape the reminiscences of many of these figures in the School's early history. Through 1992, some fifty oral histories had been completed. This program has continued intermittently over the last decade.

Ultimately, it is our plan to make these oral histories audible directly from this website. Until then, persons desiring to hear any of the oral histories listed below may request copies (at cost) in audio cassette or CD format from the Rare Books and Manuscripts section of Miner Library.

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Adolph, Edward | Allen, Willard | Ames, Wendell | Anderson, Donald G. | Ashenburg, Norman | Avery, Elroy J.


Bartlett, James | Berg, Robert | Bohrod, Milton G. | Bonani, Philip P. | Bradford, William | Breese, Burtis B.


Cardillo, Thomas | Colgan, Margaret | Corner, George W. | Crough, Doris Hubbard


Deweese, James | Dounce, Alexander | Duthie, Robert B.


Engel, George L.


Flately, Joseph | Forbes, Gilbert B. | Frazer, John


Gibbs, Charles F. | Gipner, John W. | Glaser, Jerome | Glaser, Warren | Goldstein, Jacob D. | Goldstein, Louis A.


Haggerty, Robert J. | Hawley, Estelle | Heatly, Clyde A. | Hoekelman, Robert | Hyde, Richard


Israel, Robert H.


Joynt, Robert


Kaltreider, Nolan | Keene, Rebecca Reid | Kitzman, Harriet | Kohn, Lawrence A. | Kuppinger, Herbert


Lawrence, Ruth | Leschingski, Robert | Lichtman, Marshall | Lie, Einar


McCann, William | McClure, Lucretia | McCormack, Robert | Meade, Gordon | Mickles, Evilyn | Miller, Leon | Missal, Morris E. | Morgan, William L. | Morton, John H.


Napadano, Rudolph


Olson, Edith | Orbison, Lowell J.


Poe, Robert H. | Potter, J. Craig | Pulsifer, Libby | Purdy, Harriet F.


Reid, Rebecca | Rob, Charles G. | Romano, John


Saward, Ernest | Schmidt, Carl F. | Scott, Winfield W. | Schwartz, Seymour I. | Segal, Harry | Shapiro, Morris J. | Sherman, Charles D. | Snell, Albert C. | Stabins, Samuel J. | States, David J. | Stevens, Roland E. | Stewart, James | Swalbach, George


Urlaub, Charles L.


Wallis, W. Allen | Watson, James Sibley | Whipple, George Hoyt | Whipple, Katherine | Williams, T. Franklin


Young, Frank E. | Young, Larry E. | Yu, Paul N.

Adolph, Edward

  • 14-Sep-73, Audio
  • 21-Sep-73, Audio
  • 1977, Audio
  • 1977, Video

Allen, Willard

  • 10-Oct-80, Audio
  • 10-Oct-80, Video

Ames, Wendell

  • 1-Jul-81, Audio
  • 1-Jul-82, Video

Anderson, Donald G.

  • 28-Nov-77, Audio
  • 17-Aug-78, Audio
  • 17-Aug-78, Video
  • 1-Oct-78, Audio

Ashenburg, Norman

  • 18-May-98, Video

Avery, Elroy J.

  • 25-Jan-72, Audio

Bartlett, James

  • 1-Mar-97, Video

Berg, Robert

  • 1-Jun-93, Video

Bohrod, Milton G.

  • 28-May-81, Audio
  • 28-May-81, Video

Bonani, Philip P.

  • 28-Mar-00, Video

Bradford, William

  • 21-Jun-73, Audio
  • 13-May-77, Audio
  • 13-May-77, Video
  • 31-Mar-81, Audio
  • Aug-83, Audio

Breese, Burtis B.

  • 18-Oct-84, Audio
  • 18-Oct-84, Video

Cardillo, Thomas

  • 12-Feb-02, Video

Colgan, Margaret

  • 1-Jun-97, Video

Corner, George W.

  • 27-Sep-73, Audio
  • 14-Oct-78, Audio
  • 14-Oct-78, Video

Crough, Doris Hubbard

  • 31-May-79, Audio

Deweese, James

  • 26-Mar-99, Video

Dounce, Alexander

  • 9-Nov-79, Audio
  • 9-Nov-79, Video
  • 1-Feb-80, Audio
  • 1-Feb-80, Video

Duthie, Robert B.

  • 20-Jun-92, Video
  • 20-Jun-92, Audio

Engel, George L.

  • 7-Jan-83, Audio
  • 7-Jan-83, Video

Flately, Joseph

  • 15-Oct-97, Video

Forbes, Gilbert B.

  • 31-Jul-82, Video
  • 31-Jul-82, Audio

Frazer, John

  • May-97, Video

Gibbs, Charles F.

  • 9-Feb-78, Video
  • 9-Feb-78, Audio

Gipner, John W.

  • 9-Jun-82, Audio
  • 9-Jun-82, Video

Glaser, Jerome

  • 14-Aug-79, Video
  • 14-Aug-79, Audio

Glaser, Warren

  • 27-Oct-98, Video

Goldstein, Jacob D.

  • 14-Aug-73, Audio
  • 14-Feb-80, Audio
  • 14-Feb-80, Video

Goldstein, Louis A.

  • 19-Dec-86, Audio
  • 19-Dec-86, Video

Haggerty, Robert J.

  • 29-Mar-93, Video

Hawley, Estelle

  • 31-Jul-73, Audio

Heatly, Clyde A.

  • 10-Jun-82, Audio
  • 10-Jun-82, Video

Hoekelman, Robert

  • 16-Apr-98, Video

Hyde, Richard

  • 1-Apr-97, Video

Israel, Robert H.

  • 7-Jun-00, Video

Joynt, Robert

  • 20-May-98, Video

Kaltreider, Nolan

  • 10-May-79, Audio
  • 8-May-79, Video
  • 10-May-79, Video

Keene, Rebecca Reid

  • 27-May-82, Audio
  • 27-May-82, Video

Kitzman, Harriet

  • 1-Nov-95, Video

Kohn, Lawrence A.

  • 27-Jul-73, Audio

Kuppinger, Herbert

  • 10-Aug-73, Audio

Lawrence, Ruth

  • 1-Nov-97, Video

Leschingski, Robert

  • 15-Jun-01, Video

Lichtman, Marshall

  • 1-Jul-97, Video

Lie, Einar

  • 22-Jul-73, Audio

McCann, William

  • 14-Apr-82, Audio

McClure, Lucretia

  • 15-Mar-96, Video
  • 4-May-01, Video

McCormack, Robert

  • 6-Feb-86, Audio
  • 6-Feb-86, Video

Meade, Gordon

  • 30-Jan-80, Audio
  • 30-Jan-80, Video

Mickles, Evilyn

  • 12-Jan-84, Video

Miller, Leon

  • 9-May-90, Audio
  • 9-May-90, Video

Missal, Morris E.

  • 2-Aug-73, Audio

Morgan, William L.

  • 5-Dec-90, Video
  • 5-Dec-90, Audio

Morton, John H.

  • 17-Dec-99, Video

Napadano, Rudolph

  • 29-May-98, Video

Olson, Edith

  • 28-Sep-99, Video

Orbison, Lowell J.

  • 20-Apr-69, Audio
  • 20-Apr-79, Video

Poe, Robert H.

  • 7-Jun-00, Video

Potter, J. Craig

  • 24-Jan-75, Audio

Pulsifer, Libby

  • 28-Aug-73, Audio
  • 28-Aug 73, CD

Purdy, Harriet F.

  • 2-Sep-81, Audio
  • 2-Sep-81, Video

Reid, Rebecca

  • no date, Video

Rob, Charles G.

  • 26-Jul-78, Audio
  • 26-Jul-78, Video

Romano, John

  • 25-Apr-78, Audio
  • 25-Apr-78, Video
  • 1-Apr-84, Video

Saward, Ernest

  • 7-Aug-85, Video
  • 7-Aug-85, Audio

Schmidt, Carl F.

  • 24-May-82, Audio
  • 24-May-82, Video

Scott, Winfield W.

  • 7-Aug-73, Audio

Schwartz, Seymour I.

  • 5-Feb-01, Video

Segal, Harry

  • 23-Aug-73, Audio
  • 6-Jan-78, Audio
  • 6-Jan-78, Video

Shapiro, Morris J.

  • 28-Apr-99, Video

Sherman, Charles D.

  • 27-Feb-02, Video

Snell, Albert C.

  • 18-Jan-93, Video

Stabins, Samuel J.

  • 11-Nov-77, Video
  • 11-Nov-77, Audio

States, David J.

  • 15-Jan-01, Video

Stevens, Roland E.

  • 4-May-93, Video

Stewart, James

  • 28-Mar-94, Video

Swalbach, George

  • 25-Feb-81, Audio
  • 25-Feb-81, Video

Urlaub, Charles L.

  • 20-May-82, Video
  • 20-May-82, Audio

Wallis, W. Allen

  • 17-Jun-82, Video
  • 17-Jun-82, Audio

Watson, James Sibley

  • 9-Feb-81, Audio
  • 9-Feb-81, Video

Whipple, George Hoyt

  • 14-Dec-71, Audio
  • 23-May-72, Audio
  • 6-Jun-72, Audio

Whipple, Katherine

  • 3-Nov-77, Audio
  • 3-Nov-77, Video

Williams, T. Franklin

  • 1-Apr-97, Video

Young, Frank E.

  • 10-Jul-84, Audio
  • 10-Jul-84, Video

Young, Larry E.

  • 18-Oct-78, Audio
  • 18-Oct-78, Video

Yu, Paul N.

  • 25-Jun-81, Audio
  • 25-Jun-81, Video