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Medical Education Research and Scholarship

Medical Education Research

Advancing the process of educating the people who care for our community

The University of Rochester Department of Medicine is a leader in medical education innovation. We’re here to support scholars to develop, investigate, and disseminate this work. Our goal is to move the field of medical education forward at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education level, incorporating our interprofessional learners, and supporting an environment where diverse learners and faculty can thrive.

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Department of Medicine Dr. Mary Ellen Riegel Grand Rounds

Mark Shapiro, MD

August 15, 2023

Class of '62 Auditorium and Zoom

Mark is the host of the Explore the Space Podcast (@ETshow), and an advocate for patients and health professionals. He'll explore why we didn't learn to talk with our patients about gun safety, and he'll teach us how to start.

Scholar Highlight

Meet Alec O'Connor, MD

Alec O'Connor, MD Dr. Alec O’Connor’s educational scholarship explores current topics relevant to residency education, including program director burnout, program director awareness of residents’ experiences of bias and discrimination, training in allyship, and the shift to a virtual recruitment process during and after the pandemic.

Dr. O’Connor is a Professor of Medicine in the Hospital Medicine Division and former IM Residency Program Director.

A productive researcher, Dr. O’Connor’s publications in 2023 include: 

  • O'Connor AB, Gorgone M, Rizk N, Gaughf C, Gracey CF, Shaw MH, Morgan A. Forum theatre for training residents to be allies. Clin Teach. 2023 Feb 10. Epub PMID: 36762435. 
  • O'Connor AB, McGarry K, Kisielewski M, Catalanotti JS, Fletcher KE, Simmons R, Zetkulic M, Finn K. Internal Medicine Residency Program Director Awareness and Mitigation of Residents' Experiences of Bias and Discrimination. Am J Med. 2023 Mar 31. Epub. PMID: 37004954. 
  • O'Connor AB, McGarry K, Finn KM, Harris L, Zaas AK. Internal Medicine Resident Perspectives on Virtual Recruitment. JAMA Intern Med. 2023 Apr 24/. Epub. PMID: 37093587  

Congratulations, Alec!