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Medical Education Research and Scholarship

Medical Education Research

Advancing the process of educating the people who care for our community

The University of Rochester Department of Medicine is a leader in medical education innovation. We’re here to support scholars to develop, investigate, and disseminate this work. Our goal is to move the field of medical education forward at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education level, incorporating our interprofessional learners, and supporting an environment where diverse learners and faculty can thrive.

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Scholar Highlight

Meet Christopher Mooney, PhD, MPH, MA

Christopher Mooney, PhD, MPH, MA

Chris’ education scholarship focuses on evaluating and improving the quality of narrative assessments of learners, and education research methods. In response to the limited reliability and meaningfulness of numerical (e.g. Likert scale) evaluations, there has been a shift in medical education toward improving the quality and usefulness of narrative (free text) evaluations. Chris worked with a team to develop an instrument to evaluate the quality of narrative evaluations, then led studies revealing important factors that correlate with the quality of narrative evaluations. In addition to his own research program, Chris has long been a sought-after collaborator on medical education research. He has chaired the NEGEA Medical Education Scholarship, Research, and Evaluation Committee and directed the AAMC’s Medical Education Research Certificate program, where he teaches quantitative methods. Currently serving as the President-elect of the Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education (SDRME), Chris holds several roles at the University of Rochester School of Medicine including Director of Assessment and Director of the students' Medical Education Pathway. Outside of these pursuits, he is a husband and father of four children—the bulk of which are growing tired of his corny puns and dad jokes. The Mooney family motto is “Well, that escalated quickly.”