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URMC / Medicine / Infectious Diseases / Research / HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

The Rochester Victory AllianceThe University of Rochester (UR) HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), also known as the Rochester Victory Alliance (RVA), is one of the Clinical Research Sites (CRS) of the National Institute of Health (NIH). The UR HIV/AIDS CTU, part of the Infectious Disease Division, has been conducting HIV research since 1987.

The UR HIV/AIDS CTU encompasses both the UR Adult HIV Therapeutic Strategies CRS and the UR Vaccines to Prevent HIV Infection CRS.

Complete Services for Clinical Trials

The UR HIV/AIDS CTU has more than 25 years of expertise in conducting clinical research. During that time, we have performed extensive community outreach, built a far-reaching social media presence, and have an excellent clinical research team that can help you with your next research grant —from submission to execution of your study.

High Quality Research Standards

  • All regulatory approvals obtained within timeframe of projected start of study
  • Consistently fulfill or exceed  enrollment expectations
  • Data Quality > 90% for accuracy and timely submittal
  • Retention of subjects maintained equal to or greater than projected metrics

Assistance for Submitting a New Grant and Support for Clinical Trials

  • We will assist or submit all regulatory documents to the Research Subject Review Board (RSRB), including new submissions
  • Our dedicated community education team performs planned and goal-oriented volunteer recruitment
  • Experienced clinical staff are available to enroll and complete all necessary clinical procedures as designated by the protocol
  • Our Primary Investigator and/or Clinic Coordinator will provide mentoring to guide you step-by-step through the research process

Learn More about Our Services

  • Study Coordination and Regulatory Services
    No need to hire and train a new coordinator for your study - our coordinator has eighteen years of experience to help you through the necessary regulatory submission and review processes. Also available to assist with Quality Management, operations, and budgetary oversight.
  • Clinical Services
    Our research nurses have a strong clinical background and experience in conducting complex research studies. They administer study product, collect blood and mucosal samples, and establish a positive rapport with participants.
  • Community Outreach and Recruitment
    We can assist you in meeting your competitive enrollment needs. From flyering to creation of a social media presence to health fairs to special events, we can promote your study to the wider community.
  • Marketing and Communications for Research
    Some studies require a complete marketing and communications strategy. Everything from recruitment materials and advertisements to social media and web design - we can execute it, manage it, and measure it.‚Äč