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Sponsored Clinical Studies

Principal Investigator Active Human Subjects Research Sponsor RSRB#
Anolik NIH Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) in Rheumatoid Arthritis NIH NIAMS U02 55411
Anolik Medimmune Collaboration in PSS Medimmune, Inc. 49798
Anolik Bone Marrow Niche in Rheumatoid Arthritis NIH NIAID ACE 29181
Anolik Abnormalities in B-cell Function and Signal Transduction NIH NIAID 26431
DiGiovanni A Prospective Analysis of Biomechanics and Muscle Morphology Related to Function Following Gastrocnemius Recession for Achilles Tendinopathy AOFAS 40842
Flemister Comparison of tendon characteristics, plantar flexor strength and self-reported function in people with achilles tendinopathy before and after an isometric exercise intervention NIH NIAMS P30 Pilot and R03 50040
Flemister Radiographic Predictors of Late Tibio-Talar Tilt Following Hindfoot Fusion NIH NIAMS P30 Pilot and R03 51878
Giordano Comparison of Validated Hip Outcome Scores to PROMIS CAT in Patients Undergoing Hip Arthroscopy P30 Initiative to validate PROMIS vs. Legacy measures 56194
Gorczyca Fixation Using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip Fractures: A Multicenter, Randomized Trial Comparing Sliding Hip Screws & Cancellous Screws on Revision Surgery Rates and Quality of Life


University of Minnesota Multi-Center

Gorczyca Assessment of Severe Extremity Wound Bioburden at the Time of Definitive Wound Closure or Coverage: Correlation with Subsequent Post-Closure Deep Wound Infection (Bioburden Study) Department of Defense Multi-Center 39729
Hammert Distal Radius Fractures in the Elderly NIH University of Michigan Multi-Center 28730
Kates Use of a Registry on Infection to Improve Patient Outcomes and Research Efforts AO Trauma Multi-Center 43910
Loiselle Diabetic Tendon NIH P30 Pilot Grant 54231
Looney Clinical Core: B Cells in Health and Diseases NIH NIAID P01 33286
Looney Old Order mennonites Gut Microbiome NIH NCATS CTSA 52971
Maloney Correlation of vascular and anatomical response with structural and clinical outcome: a pilot study in patients who have undergone rotator cuff repair surgery NIH P30 Pilot Grant 42524
Maloney Correlation of the PROMIS Short Forms and computerized Adaptive Testing with GAITRite Functional Analysis: A pilot study in patients who have undergone ACL Surgery P30 Initiative to validate PROMIS vs. Legacy measures 37049
Mesfin Investigating the role of Tracheal Traction Exercises (TTE) in reducing dysphagia following anterior cervical surgery Goldstein Award 54543
Mesfin Anabolic and catabolic marker expression in human intervertebral disc specimen Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation (OREF) 53083
Molinari Correlation of the PROMIS Computerized Adaptive Testing with OSWESTRY Disability Index or Neck Disability Index: A pilot study in Orthopaedic Spine Patients P30 Initiative to validate PROMIS vs. Legacy measures 52874
Nicandri Evaluating the Efficacy of an Orthopaedic Surgical Skills Curriculum: A Pilot Study Focusing on the Treatment of Hip Fractures with a Dynamic Hip Screw or Trochanteric Femoral Nail and the Treatment of Meniscal Tears of the Knee with Arthroscopic Partial Menisectomy Goldstein Award 47801
Puzas Environmental Exposures and Endocrine Function: A Pilot Study NIH NIEHS P30 51759
Ritchlin The CORRONA Data Collection Program CORRONA 24243
Ritchlin IPart Registry UCB, Inc. 23525
Ritchlin Lymphatic Flow in RA NIH NIAMS R01 35995
Ritchlin NF-kappa B non-canonical proteins as a Severity and Response Biomarker RA NIH NIAMS R01 38949
Sanders Feasibility of a 3D Classification Including the Chest Wall in Early Onset Scoliosis Chest Wall and Spine Deformity Study Group 32437
Sanders Bracing in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Trial (1) University of Iowa Multi-Center 23522
Sanders Bracing in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis II University of Iowa Multi-Center 44587
Sanders Minimize Implants Maximize Outcomes University of Minnesota Multi-Center 45895
Schwarz Vascular CT Assessment of Structural Autograft and Allograft Healing NIH NIAMS P50 CORT 15198
Schwarz Cellular Populations of Lymph Nodes Draining Arthritic Joints: Discarded Tissue Donation NIH NIAMS R01 45235
Tabechian CORRONA Gout Study CORRONA 47183
Tyler Regulating Angiogenic and Osteoblastic Pathways in Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer to Bone NIH NCATS CTSA KL2 47517
Xing Fracture Non-Union: Discarded Tissue Donation NIH NIAMS P30 50043
Zuscik Assessment of Knee Osteoarthritis in Osteoporosis Patients Prescribed Forteo NIH NCATS CTSA 51569
Zuscik Assessment of Knee Osteoarthritis via Serum Biomarker Analysis, Physical Function Testing, and Questionnaire-Based Assessment of Function: A Study to Establish Outcome Measures for Future Clinical Trials NIH NIAMS P50 CORT 48165