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Neuro-Oncology Fellowship


  • Nimish A. Mohile, M.D., Program Director
  • Joy Burke, M.D. (Neuro-Oncology)
  • Louis Constine, M.D. (Pediatric Radiation Oncology)
  • Steven A. Goldman, M.D., Ph.D. (Neuro-Oncology)
  • Ali Hussain, M.D. (Imaging Sciences)
  • Mahlon Johnson, M.D., Ph.D. (Neuropathology)
  • David Korones, M.D. (Pediatric Neuro-Oncology)
  • Rajiv Mangla, M.D. (Imaging Sciences)
  • Michael T. Milano, M.D., Ph.D. (Radiation Oncology)
  • Jennifer Mulbury, M.D. (Neuro-Oncology)
  • Jennifer Serventi, P.A. (Neuro-Oncology)
  • Howard Silberstein, M.D. (Neurosurgery)
  • Kenneth Usuki, M.D. (Radiation Oncology)
  • Kevin A. Walter, M.D. (Neurosurgery)
  • Andrea Wasilewski, M.D. (Neuro-Oncology)
  • Michael White, M.D. (Neuro-Oncology)
  • Gabrielle Yeaney, M.D. (Neuropathology)

Major Clinical and Investigative Interests

This fellowship provides subspecialty training in adult and pediatric neuro-oncology, and successful completion will allow candidates to be eligible for UCNS certification in neuro-oncology. The program offers first-hand experience with:

  • Clinical evaluation and management of primary CNS tumors.
  • Clinical evaluation and management of CNS metastatic disease.
  • Clinical evaluation and management of neurological complications of malignancy.
  • Clinical research, including clinical trials for assessment and treatment of CNS tumors.
  • Surgery, radiation and chemotherapeutic treatment options in neuro-oncology.

An active clinical service provides the fellow with wide exposure to various aspects of neuro-oncology. The fellowship also provides ample opportunity for pursuit of individual interests or projects. Opportunities in basic, clinical or translational research are available and strongly encouraged. The fellow will have the ability to take coursework in biostatistics, clinical trial design and experimental therapeutics in the second year of the fellowship.

1 fellow/year


Nimish A. Mohile, M.D.
Phone: (585) 276-3972
Fax: (585) 276-2463