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Neuroimmunology - Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship


  • Andrew Goodman, M.D., Program Director.
  • Matthew Bellizzi, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Megan Hyland, M.D.
  • Jessica Robb, M.D.
  • Lawrence Samkoff, M.D.
  • Robert Stone, M.D.

Major Clinical and Investigative Interests

Our clinical training program emphasizes state-of-the-art comprehensive care of MS patients in the setting of a large university-based MS center for adults and an associated pediatric MS clinic. Clinical fellowships are supported by an Institutional Clinician Training Award from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Our clinical research efforts emphasize cutting-edge experimental therapeutics. Also available are a network of collaborative basic and translational research opportunities investigating the immunology, virology, and neurobiology of multiple sclerosis, and disorders of myelin.

1-2 fellows/year


Andrew Goodman, M.D.
Phone: (585) 275-7854
Fax: (585) 275-9953