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50th Anniversary

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To celebrate the achievements of the department and all its graduates of its training programs, a gala celebration took place in Rochester on September 22nd – 24th, 2016.  The festivities began with a kickoff reception on Thursday evening, September 22nd and continued on Friday, September 23rd, with the Annual Goldberg Lecture, a ribbon cutting for the new resident office, department updates and alumni reflections.  A gala banquet took place on Friday evening at the Monroe Golf Club.  Bob Gross masterfully emceed the event, which proved to be quite memorable.  The celebration concluded with a scientific session on Saturday morning, including posters and research updates by current faculty and alumni.

Since its origins in 1966 with six faculty members, the department has grown to include over 100 faculty members, 24 adult neurology residents, 6 child neurology residents, 14 fellows, 15 advanced practice providers and over 100 staff members.  The department is one of the top neurology departments in the country, excelling at research, education and patient care. We have recently completed our Neurology 50th Anniversary Book.

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The 50th Anniversary of the Department of Neurology at the University of Rochester was a celebration of not one person or one history; it was a celebration of all who have participated in any way to these past 50 years,  All of us have had a part in building the mosaic that is represented by this 50 year landmark.

With URNeuroStories we have created a picture of how the 50 years were spent and what all of these efforts have created.

Listen to stories and experiences from 50 years of Neurology at URMC