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Ultrasound of fetus with gastroschisis
Gastroschisis - Bowel (arrow) is seen outside of the abdomen (star)

In this condition, the abdominal wall does not form correctly, resulting in a hole in the skin to the right of the umbilical cord (belly button). The bowel is outside of the abdomen, floating within the amniotic cavity (water sac).

Although this is a serious condition, it is not typically a genetic condition and does not commonly have other defects associated with it. However, gastroschisis does require urgent surgery and care after birth.

More than 100 infants in the last five years with gastroschisis have been cared for by UR Medicine's Maternal-Fetal Care and UR Medicine's Golisano Children's Hospital's Pediatric Surgery teams.

The Pediatric Surgery Service at Golisano Children's Hospital is composed of a specialty team that manages surgical problems in infants and children to age 15 years. The team has decades of experience operating on infants and children, and performs approximately 2,000 operative procedures a year with excellent survivals and outcomes.