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URMC / Obstetrics & Gynecology / Maternal-Fetal Care / Post-Delivery / Care for Premature or Small Infants

Expertise in Caring for Premature or Small Infants

For women with preterm labor or expecting an early delivery for maternal or fetal complications, the experience with small and premature infants of UR Medicine's Golisano Children’s Hospital Neonatology team, the Neonatal ICU (NICU), and Maternal-Fetal Care team is an important consideration.

As the regional referral center caring for infants and children from around the Upstate and Finger Lakes regions of New York extending to the Pennsylvania border, the teams at the Golisano Children's Hospital NICU care for the smallest and most critically ill neonates in the region.

The Golisano Children’s Hospital is nationally ranked in three specialties, including neonatology. It is the only hospital in Upstate NY to earn this distinction, making us the natural choice when you are expecting a complicated birth.

Our NICU has the best outcomes for small and premature babies in our region, and consistently exceeds national survival rates for these small babies. The Golisano Children’s Hospital NICU has the skills and expertise to help even the smallest babies reach their potential, with survivals that exceed national survival rates, with greater than 90% survivals for infants born after 28 weeks.   

Our teams deliver and care for the most low and very low birth weight infants in the region every year, delivering just under 100 infants weighing less than 1000 grams (2 lbs), approximately 150 infants less than 1500 grams (3 lbs), and almost 500 infants less than 2500 grams (5 1/2 lbs) annually.