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Ultrasound image of a fetus with a small omphalocele
Small Omphalocele

Ultrasound image of a fetus with a large omphalocele
"Giant" Omphalocele

In this condition, the bowel and other abdominal organs are partially herniated into the umbilical cord. This can range in size from a small hernia with a relatively straightforward repair, to a large defect (commonly called a “giant” omphalocele) that must be repaired in stages.

Many children with omphalocele also have genetic conditions that can require evaluation and care. Testing is offered before birth to determine if these conditions are present.

More than 50 infants with this condition have been cared for by UR Medicine's Maternal-Fetal Care, Neonatology, and Golisano Children's Hospital's Pediatric Surgery teams in the last five years.

The Pediatric Surgery Service at Golisano Children's Hospital is composed of a specialty team that manages surgical problems in infants and children to age 15 years. The team has decades of experience operating on infants and children, and performs approximately 2,000 operative procedures a year with excellent survival rates and outcomes.