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Preconception Consultations

When pre-existing medical risk factors are present, the gestational period can become complex and challenging. Patients with pre-existing medical conditions will need to be monitored to reduce the chance for complications during pregnancy.

There are also patients that have had a prior pregnancy complication or issue, and want to discuss what happened. Sometimes there are options and treatments before pregnancy to reduce risk. Other complications may be unlikely to recur. Sometimes, testing can help determine a patient’s and family's risk for complications and determine if there are other ways to improve the changes of a healthy pregnancy.

At these pre-conception planning visits, we see patients and families to discuss their pregnancy plans, review their history, and make plans for care during a pregnancy. We may order testing or other evaluation depending on medical or prior pregnancy concerns.

A Typical Preconception Planning Visit

The following are typically included in preconception planning visits.

Medical/Surgical History & Review

At UR Medicine Maternal-Fetal Care, an assessment by one of our MFM specialists covers medical history (personal and family), genetic testing, a vaccination review, and infection screening.

Medication Review & Optimization

It is important to tell your doctor about current medications you are taking. You may need to continue these to maintain your maternal health throughout your pregnancy. By improving your control over chronic conditions, we are able to optimize maternal health and pregnancy outcomes. We welcome the opportunity to see women before pregnancy to review their medications and/or discuss chronic conditions to ensure these are optimized before pregnancy.

Genetic Counseling

Your visit may include genetic counseling.

Many women who are considering pregnancy at an older age may wish to explore testing options. Additionally, women with a family or personal history of pregnancy loss or inherited diseases may have additional genetic concerns. UR Medicine Maternal-Fetal Care offers reproductive genetic counseling to women and their partners and testing and screening in or before pregnancy.