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For Researchers

Below is a list of our most common requests from researchers. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact UR Medicine using the information at the bottom of this page. 

I need pricing for lab tests.

We can provide quotes for both clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology testing and diagnostic services. Do you have a tight budget? Let us know. We can help you to get the most from your funding. The staff at UR Medicine Labs looks for opportunities to reduce costs by finding the most economical methods for your study. Download research test price quote form. E-mail completed forms to

I need to set up lab testing for my research study.

Our project managers will design a plan to meet your specific needs. Set-up includes testing guidelines, custom requisitions, billing procedures, report handling, point-of-care testing considerations, specimen storage, and any special requirements of your study. Have a complex project? Not quite sure how to request what you want? Our new Researcher Biospecimen Planning Tool may help guide you through some of your questions/concerns or you can call UR Medicine Labs to speak with a project manager at (585) 758-0525 to discuss the details of your project. Download our study set-up request form. E-mail completed forms to

I need human tissue for my research study.

We work closely with RSRB to ensure proper handling and consenting for human tissue resources used for research purposes. As described in the OHSP Policy 503 Ancillary Committee Reviews, surgical pathology review of the tissue request occurs at the same time as RSRB review. However, surgical pathology must approve the request before RSRB approval will be granted. The request for human tissue form is located within the RSRB online application and must be completed and uploaded into the application prior to submission to RSRB. 

I need histology services for my research study.

UR Medicine Labs offers a complete range of histology services including grossing, tissue processing, embedding, unstained and stained slides (H&E and special stains), punch cores, whole mounts, microtube thick sectioning, immunocytochemical staining, immunofluorescent and in situ hybridization, neuromuscular morphometric analysis, and tissue microarray construction. Our project managers can provide pricing information and set up meetings for you with lab personnel to discuss your specific needs. Call (585) 758-0525 to speak to a project manager.

I need phlebotomy services for my research study.

Studies conducted in the Rochester, NY area may arrange for specimen collection at our numerous patient service centers. Our project managers can provide information on pricing, custom requisitions, and specimen delivery. Call UR Medicine Labs at (585) 758-0525 to speak to a project manager.

I need analysis of animal specimens or tissue.

The Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine provides veterinary consultation and assistance with experimental design, specimen and tissue collection, and submission of animal specimens for diagnostic testing. We can work with them to help you meet your specific testing needs. Call UR Medicine Labs at (585) 758-0525 to speak to a project manager. Please note: UR Central Labs is not an animal testing laboratory. All our assays are validated only for use with human specimens, and we have no reference ranges for species other than humans. 

I need expert advice in selecting the most appropriate laboratory services for my study.

Our forty faculty include pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists; and basic, translational, and clinical researchers in many subspecialty areas. We can put you in touch with someone with expertise regarding choice and utilization of tests for your study. Call UR Medicine Labs at (585) 758-0525 to speak to a project manager.

I need a central laboratory to support an institutional or multi-center clinical trial.

Our Central Labs offer a complete range of services including consultation in protocol development and test selection, project management, supply chain and logistics, specimen storage, and data management. Visit our Central Labs page for complete information.

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For more information, email or call (585) 758-0525 to speak to a project manager.