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Recent Graduates

Jessica Reiffer, M.D.Jessica L. Reiffer, M.D.

Current Title/Organization: Associate professor of clinical medicine at URMC

Medical School: Michigan State University

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

What one thing did you learn that you most use in your medical practice? I learned to do the ADOS during my fellowship which is an extremely useful tool to use when evaluating children for autism. Many fellowships do not include this training. 

Favorite memory of your residency? Steve's nose beep trick. The relationships I built with fellows and faculty. 

One piece of advice you would give to a resident coming into the program? This fellowship is challenging and rewarding. After this fellowship you will have an excellent understanding of developmental pediatrics in many forms including autism research, physical disability, NICU follow-up and genetic disorders. The variety and breadth of experience here is impressive.

Anything else that would be helpful to share? I completed fellowship at URMC and continue to work as faculty.