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Immunization Delivery

About Us

Nurse giving a child an immunizationThe vision of the Rochester Immunization Delivery team is to eliminate vaccine-preventable disease through research, evidence-based practice, education, and a community-wide approach to immunization delivery. We envision a world free of vaccine-preventable disease!

We are a multi-disciplinary group of individuals comprising the disciplines of pediatrics, social work, public health, and education. We are faculty members, project coordinators, research staff, students, and outreach workers.

Our Mission

  • Research
    We perform research on barriers to immunization delivery, interventions to improve vaccination rates, burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, impact of new vaccines, and public health strategies to eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases.

  • Education
    We direct projects at the national level to educate providers, other experts, and the public on immunization delivery.

  • Service
    We run a community-wide outreach program to improve child and adolescent vaccination rates. We work closely with departments of health and other organizations to maximize immunization delivery.

  • Policy
    We work at the national level to improve US immunization policies and guidelines.


Some of us are based on the third floor of the Saunders Research Building in the Division of General Pediatrics - in the Pediatric Health Services Research Suite. Other members are in different locations, such as social work, fourth floor of the medical center (Department of Pediatrics), third floor (Department of Infectious Diseases), and additional offices. Since we are truly community-based, other members are located in the community, at primary care practices.