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Join an Already Approved Effort

There are several pre-approved efforts in our Portfolio that you may want to consider working on. The list of those approved is linked below.

List of Active Approved Efforts


  1. The physician or PA seeking credit must be affiliated with UR Medicine.
  2. The Effort must be pre-approved by the Board the physician or PA is seeking credit from.
  3. The Effort selected must be relevant to the physicians or PAs practice.
  4. The physician or PA seeking credit must meet the Meaningful Participation Criteria listed on this webpage 
  5. The physician or PA must get sign off from the Effort Lead or other organizational leader when attesting to the work completed.


  1. Review the approved efforts and Meaningful Participation criteria (available on this website).
  2. Select an effort relevant to your practice.
  3. Contact the Effort Leader for further information.
  4. Submit the Registration form by August 1.
  5. Submit the Physician Attestation form by November 15.

(Please note that due dates reflect when forms must be received to obtain credit in the same calendar year. If deadlines are missed, we can consider what needs to be done to obtain the credit in following year.)