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School of Medicine & Dentistry / Office of Research IT / How Do I / Request a Network / Email Account


Request a Network / Email Account

The University of Rochester Medical Center Network has been established to enhance educational and research activities and to promote innovation and competitiveness. Use of URMC's Information Technology services are subject to the terms and conditions outlines in the UR Acceptable Use Policy and other UR or URMC IT Policies.

To obtain an URMC account, you will need an Active Directory Account (or AD/Domain Account) to access the URMC network.  Instructions are available here.

Each department has a designated administrator who has rights to electronically request an account through AD Tools.  

It typically takes up to three business days to complete a request. Once an account has been issued, faculty and staff can login to the secure URMC network and access a multitude of systems including email, the intranet and clinical systems.