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Recreation & Leisure

Jennifer Ward

Contact Information

Jennifer Ward
Project Health Coordinator
Jennifer Ward
(585) 276-5915

People with disabilities have the right to participate in recreational and leisure activities in their community; however, many individuals with disabilities do not have the same opportunities to engage in recreation of their choosing.

In Upstate NY, we are seeing growth in this area, but there is still a long way to go. Our recreation and leisure focus area is intended to increase inclusive opportunities for all people to participate fully in the community. Through community collaborations and partnerships, training and technical assistance, and policy and advocacy efforts, SCDD works to ensure people with disabilities have recreational options that are both accessible and inclusive.

SCDD Recreation & Leisure Projects and Initiatives

  • Inclusive Recreation and Leisure Video Campaign: The video campaign is designed to promote all aspects of inclusion in business, as well as recreation and leisure settings.
  • Inclusivity Assessments for Recreation and Leisure Programs/Services: Designed to capture reliable and necessary information about the inclusivity of a recreation agency or program.
  • Trainings and Technical Assistance: SCDD offers free training and technical assistance for organizations with recreational programming.


Greater Rochester Recreation Guide

Adriana Verwey, a second year fellow in the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Program has created 'A Guide to Recreation and Leisure for All in Greater Rochester'. This brochure was supported with grants from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Special Olympics, and The Hoekelman Center.

A Guide to Recreation and Leisure for All in Greater Rochester Brochure

Group on bikes