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Contact InformationSusan Hetherington

Susan A. Hetherington, Ph.D.
Director, Community Education and Technical Assistance
Director, CCP
Susan A. Hetherington
(585) 275-6608

SCDD is committed to advancing policy, practice, and services with and for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities, their families, and communities. We strive to provide resources that raise community awareness, promote inclusion, and improve services. Our education-focused projects aim to deliver training, translate research to best practice, and provide evidence-based technical assistance.

SCDD Educational Projects and Initiatives

  • Advocacy for improved inclusive opportunities and a sense of belonging for all students

Community Consultation Program (CCP) 

SCDD’s Community Consultation Program provides behavioral and educational consultation services and training to school teams and agencies serving individuals with disabilities. The program’s approach is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and aims to build capacity and promote inclusion in community and educational settings while increasing positive social, behavioral, and academic skills of individuals served. To learn more or to partner with our team, visit the CCP webpage.

Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder (RRCASD)

Funded by the NYS Dept. of Education, the RRCASD provides training, educational resources, and service referrals to families and providers across a 12-county region at no cost. It is one of seven university-affiliated programs in the state that disseminates and implements evidence-based practices aimed to improve services and outcomes for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To view resources or request a referral, visit the RRCASD Webpage.

Business School Disability Curriculum

Funded by the NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, this project aims to engage human resources professionals in understanding the benefits of inclusive hiring practices by developing coursework for business school programming.

Skirboll Family Autism Conference

Our annual Skirboll Family Autism Conference offers information sessions presented by national experts on various topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at no cost. To learn more about this year’s conference, view materials from previous events, or join the planning committee, visit the Skirboll Conference webpage.

Tele-Mentorship for Providers

This program uses the Project ECHO model and video conferencing to create a knowledge network among providers serving individuals with disabilities. Regularly scheduled sessions include didactics and case presentations aimed at improving supports and interventions for clients with disabilities. For more information on our next ECHO for mental health providers, visit the tele-mentorship tele-mentorship webpage.

Partners and Collaborators

SCDD is proud to partner with self-advocates, families, community providers, educators, and agency teams to deliver educational programs across New York State. Collaboration with local and state government agencies allows our team the opportunity to facilitate meaningful discussion, promote inclusion, and inform policy in a systemic manner. Additionally, our partnerships with school districts, community-based organizations, and businesses encourage an increased understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion within educational, community, and employment settings.