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URMC / UCAR / Training


UCAR requires that you complete training before you can work with animals in the laboratory and/or gain access to the Vivarium. Anyone who enters the vivarium must complete all UCAR required training and must be added to a UCAR protocol.

  1. Complete the online staff modification form to Add Staff, Faculty, or Students to protocols.
    • This form is on REDCap and can only be filled out by PI or selected lab staff.  If you have problems with the link, please contact UCAR (275-1693). 
    • NOTE:  Submitting the online staff modification form is the first step for individuals who will be added to a Principal Investigator's UCAR protocol(s).  Investigators and new hires will be notified by email when they have been added to the protocol once ALL UCAR training is completed.  
    • Starting 3/30/2020, when the Add Personnel form is submitted in REDCap, the initial email that is sent to the individual who will be added to a protocol and to the person who submitted the Add Personnel form, will contain a link to sign up for Animal Resource Orientation.  
    • Starting 8/1/2020, Animal Resource Orientation will be via ZOOM until further notice.  Any questions, please contact
  2. CITI Online Training:
    • Investigators, Staff, and Students –Working with an IACUC
    • Species-Specific Training (e.g., mouse, rat, gerbil, rabbit, non-human primate, zebrafish, etc.)
    • Aseptic Surgery (if performing recovery surgery)
    • Reducing Pain & Distress (mice and rats)
  3. University of Rochester MyPath Training:
    • MicroIsolator Technology 
    • Rodent Colony Management 2020
    • Rodent Euthanasia - Carbon dioxide (CO2) euthanasia 2023
    • Birds in a Research Setting
    • Ferrets 2023
    • Working Safely With Non-Human Primates 2023 
    • Mole Rats and Degus

Important Notes on Workshops

  • Recovery Surgery (aseptic technique) Workshop is required for all surgeons who will perform recovery surgery on all species.
  • Basic rodent handling workshops are required for all new hires with less than one year of experience who will work with rodents.  
  • When you receive the UCAR Approval email indicating you have been added to a protocol, you will receive an email from REDCap, if your are required to complete the workshops with upcoming workshop dates.  
  • You will be given 60 days after you have been approved and added to a protocol to attend the required workshop(s).  If you do not attend, you may be removed from the protocol and your access to the vivarium will be removed.
  • Contact if you have additional questions. ‚Äč

Environmental Health and Safety Training

Online tutorial: Environmental Health and Safety Industrial Hygiene Unit Safety Training (if working in a laboratory)

OLAW Training

OLAW Training (Web videos)

  • Working Safely with Non-Human Primates
  • Working with the Laboratory Dog
  • Training in Survival Rodent Surgery