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UCAR requires that you complete training before you can work with animals in the laboratory and/or gain access to the Vivarium. Anyone who enters the vivarium must complete all UCAR required training and must be added to a UCAR protocol.

  1. Complete the online staff modification form to Add Staff, Faculty, or Students to protocols.
    • This form is on REDCap and can only be filled out by PI or selected lab staff.  If you have problems with the link, please contact UCAR (275-1693). 
    • NOTE:  Submitting the online staff modification form is the first step for individuals who will be added to a Principal Investigator's UCAR protocol(s).  Investigators and new hires will be notified by email when they have been added to the protocol once ALL UCAR training is completed.
  2. Animal Resource Orientation
  3. Facility Tour (SMD, KMRB, or Primate Tour)
  4. CITI Online Training:
    • Investigators, Staff, and Students –Working with an IACUC
    • Species-Specific Training (e.g., mouse, rat, gerbil, rabbit, non-human primate, etc.)
    • Aseptic Surgery (if performing recovery surgery)
    • Reducing Pain & Distress (mice and rats)
  5. University of Rochester MyPath Rodent Training:
    • MicroIsolator Technology (online then hands-on)
    • Rodent Colony Management
    • Rodent Euthanasia
  6. Other Species Training:
    •  If working with ferrets, review the training materials available in the UCAR Office. Return the training media and remember to submit the completed training documentation form to UCAR.
    • If working with monkeys, complete the Primate Safety Training (available in the UCAR Office). Return the training media and submit the completed quiz to UCAR. Contact DCM at (585) 275-2651 to schedule a Primate Tour.

Important Notes on Workshops

For rodent users after they have been approved and added to a UCAR protocol:

  • Rodent Recovery Surgery (aseptic technique) Workshop is required for all new hires who will perform recovery surgery on mice and rats. Contact for additional information on this course. 
  • Basic rodent handling workshops are required for all new hires with less than one year of experience who will work with rodents. Mouse & Rat Handling Workshops are held once a month.  Contact for additional information on this course.  If working with rats only, DCM conducts the rat handling workshop and can be contacted by calling 275-2651.

Do not contact UCAR about the workshops until you have received your approval email!

You will be given 60 days after you have been approved and added to a protocol to attend the required workshop(s).  If you do not attend, you will be removed from the protocol and your access to the vivarium will be removed.

Environmental Health and Safety Training

Online tutorial: Environmental Health and Safety Industrial Hygiene Unit Safety Training (if working in a laboratory)

OLAW Training

OLAW Training (Web videos)

  • Working Safely with Non-Human Primates
  • Working with the Laboratory Dog
  • Training in Survival Rodent Surgery