Telemedicine Information

Call (585) 602-6050

Do I need special equipment to have a video visit?

While you only need to have access to a phone for a telemedicine visit at UR Medicine Urgent Care, for a video visit you will need the ZOOM application. The Zoom application can be download from the App Store, Google Play Store, or get the desktop version.

Zoom help is available by calling 1-844-455-8762; calls will be answered Monday—Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m..

Will I be charged for a Telemedicine or Video Visit?

The details of billing procedures around telemedicine and video visits are still being determined, but, just like the process for an in-person visit, UR Medicine will bill insurance providers for such visits. Several insurance companies have decided to waive the co-pay responsibilities for patients who have a telemedicine visit while we are under a State of Emergency. If you have questions about what your insurance will cover, please contact your insurer.

What happens in a Telemedicine or Video Visit?

A telemedicine appointment is similar to an in-person visit. During the conversation with the patient, the provider takes notes just like they would during an in-person visit, and these notes will be shared on MyChart. Patients will also receive an after-visit summary through MyChart or by mail if they are don’t use MyChart.

Please note: Other departments within UR Medicine may be using telemedicine in different ways. Our staff will make every attempt to provide clear instructions, and patients are encouraged to ask questions. Also, as the concerns around COVID-19 change, telemedicine plans may shift as well.