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Research is how we discover better treatments for disease. And the University of Rochester Medical Center is at the forefront of urologic research.

As part of a leading academic institution, the department encompasses everything “from the bench to the bedside.” It starts at the laboratory bench where research is conducted, and moves eventually to the patient’s bedside, where that research finds its practical application.

In addition to working with patients, all of our urologists are also involved in research. This keeps our doctors at the leading edge of their field, so they can give you the most advanced, most effective care.

  • We are currently conducting research on kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, incontinence, hematuria and genitourinary cancers.
  • We are leading research on minimally invasive surgery techniques that are helping patients experience less pain, recover faster and have smaller scars.
  • We are pioneering new techniques for laparoscopic prostatectomy using the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.
  • We offer our patients clinical trials, providing access to leading edge treatments not yet available anywhere else in the region.

Learn more about Clinical Trials.