Our Researchers

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Piret Paas-Holland Clinical InstructorEmergency Medicine
Matthew Pacella AssociateRadiation Oncology
Alexander Paciorkowski Assistant ProfessorCenter for Neural Development & Disease Paciorkowski Lab
Assistant ProfessorNeurology - Child Neurology
Assistant ProfessorBiomedical Genetics
Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Natalia Paciorkowski Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics - Pediatric Hospitalist
Jason Pacos Assistant Professor of ClinicalMedicine - Cardiology
Stephanie Page Clinical InstructorPediatrics
William Page Research Assistant ProfessorNeurology - Neurogeriatrics Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Gary Paige ProfessorNeurobiology and Anatomy Paige Lab
ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
ProfessorNeurology - Cognitive Behavioral Neurology
Brittany Paivanas Assistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
James Palis ProfessorPediatrics - Hematology and Oncology Palis Lab
Glenn Palmer AssociatePsychiatry - Crisis Services
Milarose Panaligan Clinical Senior InstructorPsychiatry - Education
George Pancio Clinical Senior InstructorMedicine - Cardiology (V)
Kishan Pandya Professor EmeritusMedicine - Hematology/Oncology
Shreedevi Pandya Assistant Professor (Svc) (Part-Time)Neurology
Bernard Panner Professor EmeritusPathology and Laboratory Medicine
Allison Panzer Senior Instructor (Part-Time)Medicine - Hospital Medicine
Robert Panzer ProfessorMedicine - General Medicine
Georgia & Thomas Gosnell Professor in Quality and SafetyDean's Office, SMD
ProfessorPublic Health Sciences
Louis Papa Professor of ClinicalMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
Peter Papadakos ProfessorAnesthesiology
ProfessorSurgery - Cardiac
Dimitrios Papadimitriou Clinical Assistant ProfessorDentistry
Arthur Papier Associate Professor (Part-Time)Dermatology
Associate Professor (Part-Time)Medical Informatics
Mark Papuga Adjunct Assistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Heather Paradis Assistant ProfessorPediatrics - General Pediatrics
Jane Pardee Clinical InstructorPediatrics
L. Allen Pardee Clinical InstructorNeurology
Keely Parisian Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine - Gastroenterology/Hepatology
Steve Park Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Sylvia Park Clinical Senior InstructorMedicine - Highland Hospital
Wan Park Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Highland Hospital
Kevin Parker ProfessorImaging Sciences
Kathleen Parrinello Associate Professor of ClinicalNursing
James Paschal Clinical Assistant ProfessorDentistry
Jennifer Pascoe Senior InstructorMedicine - Hospital Medicine
Joel Pasternack Professor of ClinicalEmergency Medicine
Julie Pasternack Senior InstructorEmergency Medicine
Tatiana Pasternak ProfessorBrain/Cognitive Sciences RC Pasternak Lab
ProfessorCenter for Visual Science A&S
ProfessorNeurobiology and Anatomy
Henry Paszko Clinical Senior InstructorFamily Medicine
Laurie Patanella Assistant Professor of Clinical (Part-Time)Medicine - Hospital Medicine
Nishaben Patel Assistant ProfessorPediatrics - Gastroenterology/Nutrition
Rajeev Patel Associate ProfessorOrthopaedics
Associate ProfessorPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Surag Patel Instructor of ClinicalFamily Medicine
William Patrick Clinical InstructorDermatology
Jennifer Paul Assistant Professor (Part-Time)Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Assistant Professor (Part-Time)Orthopaedics
Joanne Pauliny Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Lisa Paulis Clinical InstructorImaging Sciences
Martin Pavelka Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology Pavelka Lab
John Peachey Clinical Professor EmeritusDermatology
James Peacock ProfessorCancer Center
ProfessorSurgery - Oncology
Stephen Pearl Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Deborah Peartree Clinical Senior InstructorFamily Medicine
Angelo Pedulla Senior Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Cardiology
Walter Pegoli ProfessorSurgery - Pediatric Surgery
Joseph M. Lobozzo II Professor in Pediatric SurgerySurgery - Pediatric Surgery
ChiefSurgery - Pediatric Surgery
Peter Pellittieri Clinical InstructorDentistry
Lori Jeanne Peloquin Clinical Senior InstructorPediatrics - Neurodevelopmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
Clinical Senior InstructorPsychiatry - Psychology
Stephen Pelton Clinical Assistant ProfessorDermatology
John Peltz Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry - Psychology
Hu Peng Research Assistant ProfessorPediatrics - Pediatric Nephrology
Weiguo Peng Research Assistant ProfessorNeurosurgery - Center for Translational Neuromedicine Nedergaard Lab
Karen Penird Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Kevin Penird Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Uma Penmetsa Clinical Associate ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Thomas Penn Clinical Professor EmeritusSurgery - Community
David Penney Professor EmeritusCancer Center
Professor EmeritusPathology and Laboratory Medicine
Ralph Pennino Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery - Plastic Surgery
Alice Pentland ProfessorDermatology Pentland Lab
James H. Sterner Professorship in DermatologyDermatology
Director, Center for Future HealthCenter for Future Health
Anita Peoples Research Assistant ProfessorSurgery - Cancer Control
Research Assistant ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Luke Peppone Assistant ProfessorSurgery - Cancer Control
Assistant ProfessorOrthopaedics
Camillo Peracchia Professor EmeritusPharmacology and Physiology
Carla Peracchia Assistant Professor of Clinical (Part-Time)Medicine - Primary Care Physicians
Irene Perillo Associate ProfessorMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
Archibald Perkins ProfessorPathology and Laboratory Medicine Perkins Lab
Peter Perkins Clinical Professor EmeritusMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
Maureen Perry Clinical Senior InstructorFamily Medicine
Seth Perry Research Assistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering Brown Lab
Dharmendra Persaud Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Highland Hospital
Irena Pesis-Katz Associate ProfessorPublic Health Sciences
Carol Peterson AssociateObstetrics and Gynecology
Derick Peterson Associate ProfessorCancer Center
Associate ProfessorBiostatistics and Computational Biology
Nicholas Peterson Assistant Professor of ClinicalAnesthesiology
Carol-Lynn Petronaci Associate ProfessorMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
Allen Pettee Clinical InstructorNeurology
Daniel Pettee Clinical Professor EmeritusNeurology
Christian Peyre Assistant ProfessorSurgery - Thoracic
Sarah Peyre Associate ProfessorSurgery - Surgery Education/Minimally Invasive
Assistant Dean for Interprofessional EducationDean's Office, SMD
Assistant Professor of ClinicalNursing
Pradyumna Phatak Clinical ProfessorMedicine - Hematology/Oncology
Dale Phelps Professor (Part-Time)Pediatrics - Neonatology
Rachael Phelps Clinical InstructorPediatrics - General Pediatrics
Annie Philip Associate ProfessorAnesthesiology
Associate ProfessorPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Sherry Philip Assistant Professor (Part-Time)Pediatrics - Pediatric Hospitalist
Lindsay Phillips Associate Professor of ClinicalFamily Medicine
Nanette Phillis Clinical Senior InstructorMedicine - Primary Care Physicians (V)
Richard Phipps ProfessorEnvironmental Medicine Phipps Lab
Wright Family Research ProfessorshipEnvironmental Medicine
ProfessorMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
ProfessorPathology and Laboratory Medicine
Eric Phizicky ProfessorCancer Center Phizicky Lab
ProfessorBiochemistry and Biophysics
Dean's ProfessorshipBiochemistry and Biophysics
Joseph Picca Clinical Senior InstructorFamily Medicine
Michael Pichichero Clinical ProfessorPediatrics
Dorota Piekna-Przybylska Research Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology Dewhurst Lab
Research Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology Bambara Lab
Diane Piekut Associate ProfessorNeurobiology and Anatomy
Deborah Pierce Clinical Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine
Laura Pierce Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Anthony Pietropaoli Associate ProfessorMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
Robert Pietropaoli Senior Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
Wilfred Pigeon Associate ProfessorPsychiatry - Psychology Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory
Webster Pilcher ProfessorNeurosurgery
Ernest & Thelma Del Monte Distinguished Professor in NeuromedicineNeurosurgery
Ralph Pincus Assistant Professor of ClinicalMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
Thomas Pingree Clinical InstructorMedicine - Highland Hospital
Brian Piotrowski Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Suzanne Piotrowski Associate Professor of Clinical (Part-Time)Center for Community Health
Associate Professor of Clinical (Part-Time)Family Medicine
Johann Piquion Joseph Clinical InstructorObstetrics and Gynecology
Sabera Pirmohamed Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
Anthony Pisani Associate ProfessorPsychiatry - Family/Marriage
Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Melinda Pisaro Assistant (Part-Time)Obstetrics and Gynecology
Anil Pisharoty Assistant Professor of ClinicalAnesthesiology
Timothy Pittinger Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery - Pediatric Surgery
Shannon Pitts Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
George Plain Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine - Primary Care Physicians (V)
Bernard Plansky Clinical Senior InstructorFamily Medicine
Mark Platt Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Ronald Plotnik Associate ProfessorOphthalmology
Sandra Plumb AssociateFamily Medicine
Carol Podgorski Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
K. Rao Poduri ProfessorPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
ChairPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Pamela Polashenski Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine - Rochester General Hospital
Walter Polashenski Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine - Rochester General Hospital
Ellen Poleshuck Associate ProfessorPsychiatry - Family/Marriage
Associate ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Victor Poleshuck Clinical Professor EmeritusObstetrics and Gynecology
Oksana Polesskaya Research Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology Dewhurst Lab
Assistant Professor of ClinicalNursing
Bogdan Polevoda Research Assistant ProfessorBiochemistry and Biophysics Smith Lab
Brian Poligone Assistant ProfessorCancer Center Poligone Lab
Assistant ProfessorDermatology
Christopher Pollack Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry - Psychology
Lee Pollan Professor of Clinical (Part-Time)Dentistry
Robert Pollard ProfessorPsychiatry - Psychology
Joellen Popma Assistant Professor of ClinicalPsychiatry - Psychology
Anton Porsteinsson ProfessorPsychiatry - Geriatric/Psychiatry
William and Sheila Konar Endowed ProfessorshipPsychiatry
Everett Porter Associate ProfessorMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
George Porter Assistant ProfessorPediatrics - Cardiology
Assistant ProfessorPharmacology and Physiology
John Porter Associate Professor of ClinicalSurgery - Vascular
Mary Porter Clinical InstructorPediatrics - General Pediatrics
Douglas Portman Associate ProfessorBiology RC Portman Lab
Associate ProfessorBiomedical Genetics - Center for Neural Development & Disease
Michael Potchen ProfessorImaging Sciences
Colin Poulter Professor EmeritusRadiation Oncology
Rachel Powell Associate (Part-Time)Imaging Sciences
G. Allen Power Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine - Highland Hospital
James Powers Professor EmeritusPathology and Laboratory Medicine
Julian Powers InstructorFamily Medicine
Karen Powers ProfessorPediatrics - Critical Care
Paritosh Prasad Assistant ProfessorMedicine - Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care
Sraddha Prativadi Assistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Saul Presberg Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Stephen Presser Clinical Assistant ProfessorDermatology
Eva Pressman ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
ChairObstetrics and Gynecology
Henry A. Thiede Professorship of Obstetrics and GynecologyObstetrics and Gynecology
Chad Preston Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Colby Previte Assistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Gregory Previte Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Danielle Privitera Instructor of ClinicalPediatrics
Michael Privitera ProfessorPsychiatry - Crisis Services
Christoph Proschel Assistant ProfessorBiomedical Genetics Pröschel Lab
Gloria Pryhuber ProfessorPediatrics - Neonatology Pryhuber Lab
ProfessorEnvironmental Medicine
Catherine Przystal Instructor of Clinical (Part-Time)Medicine - Primary Care Physicians
Susan Psaila Clinical InstructorDermatology
Mary Pudusseri Assistant Professor of ClinicalMedicine - Cardiology
Tiffany Pulcino Assistant ProfessorMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
Darren Pulley Senior Instructor of ClinicalMedicine - Primary Care Physicians
Georgette Pulli Clinical Assistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Ronald Pulli Assistant Professor of ClinicalOtolaryngology
Donald Pulver Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine - Allergy/Immunology and Rheumatology
William Pum Clinical Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Katherine Purcell AssociatePediatrics - Neurodevelopmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
Savita Puri Associate ProfessorImaging Sciences
Jeffrey Purkerson Research Assistant ProfessorPediatrics - Pediatric Nephrology
Leslie Purnell Clinical Assistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Thomas Putnam Clinical Professor EmeritusSurgery - Cardiac
J. Edward Puzas ProfessorOrthopaedics - Center for Musculoskeletal Research Puzas Lab
Donald and Mary Clark Professorship of OrthopaedicsOrthopaedics
Senior Associate Dean, Basic ResearchDean's Office, SMD
ProfessorBiochemistry and Biophysics
ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
ProfessorEnvironmental Medicine
Sonia Pyne Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology